Numero’s Sizzling September


R’el Dade/Marilyn Model Mgmt, Melodie Dagault/Marilyn Model Mgmt. PH Greg Kadel for Numero (September)

What’s the point of a September issue that doesn’t leave the kids buzzing?  And rest assured, Numero’s  September issue with R’el Dade and Mélodie Dagault as shot by Greg Kadel  and magnificently styled by Patti Wilson has that maximum buzz element.

Updated: Credits were wrong, it is R’el Dade and not Jourdan Dunn




  1. very cool editorial,love the lights and all the shots and,of course, Jourdan Dunn look amazing i just love her

  2. You guys I’m pretty sure this is R’el Dade. It is even on her thread in fashion spot. I’m 99.9% sure it’s R’el but I could be wrong.

  3. I have to say I find this editorial somewhat racist. The “spoilt” white rich girl, dressed scantily but her modesty intact, accompanied by her naked black “sex slave”?

    Melodie is selling clothes but what exactly is Jourdan selling? Except, of course herself.

    This does nothing for black models except to promote a notion that they’re adornment, sex accessories. It’s regressive and distasteful.

  4. I don’t think its Jourdan.


    I just noticed that Natasha’s August Vogue China editorial is not included in her profile (Perfectly Suited). Plus she has this season’s Printemps’ campaign as well. Thank you!

  5. can anyone on here read? its not jourdan dunn… omg another beautiful black girl, oh no what to do! is there enough room for another token?!

  6. The girls look stunning but it just goes to show that a black model always has to go above and beyond the call of duty just to get noticed. Read the piece on Amber Rose channeling Grace Jones for Complex on Jezebel and tell me these images aren’t doing further damage to the idea that black models should be respected by the industry.

  7. And maybe some of the reactions here goes to show how much people who jump on calling out racism might want to look in the mirror first.
    It’s a beautiful shoot. She looks stunning and is a great model.
    Might be disturbing to some, but for what? Because of a puritan view of a beautiful woman comfortable with her body? Would it be better if she was white? If the roles were reversed?
    I await the morality police’s judgement with baited breath.

  8. ELLIE: I wholeheartly agree with you. I immediately thought that it was racist. This is just perpetuating stereotypes of black women being sex objects. SMH.

  9. who knows if if this specific piece has racial under tones… the whole industry does. when more non-white models land the same jobs as their white counterparts people will finally get over the little stuff like this piece… more contracts and more respect for all models or color. not just blacks either. considering how the industry is, i doubt it will ever change… the ones with power are so unattached/evil/careless/unconcerned that they choose not to except that the world is a multiracial melting pot. there will always be exceptions but NOT ENOUGH.

  10. OMG. This is… stunning. WOW, I’ve been gone for a while from all of this and spot brilliance upon my return. I’m very satisfied right now.


  11. you know whats funny? VOgue Italia all black issue divided opinions, and the models were ALL black! It seems that when editors put all back models together i said TOGETHER, in an issue dedicated to celebrate the african american beauty, people get offended! Can you believe that? Arlenis Sosa is bautiful and very talked about but i dont think any of her posts had so many comments like this one! Some people lack fashion criticism when it is needed to praise, because, when it comes about trashing down editorials like this, everyone shows their evil faces. Take a look at the pictures folks, its not groundbreaking, but they look good! And you know what? Instead of paying attention to the white girl EVERYBODY TALKED ABOUT the black girl R´el! So, even if you consider it racist, it did some good to her career! ‘Melodie, we feel sorry that even though you´re white, you went unnoticed!’

  12. R’el Dade is a going to places this season. Arlenis Sosa is going to into that fixture mode….. this Dominican girls rockin….. Spanish girls, killin this season

  13. the pics are really great and i found myself looking at r’el rather than melodie but in that last shot i cannot get over how big melodies hand looks…right?

  14. The pics are racist, point blank.
    @ Gustavo, yes everyone talked about R’el Dade, but at what expense? For some, the prospect of fame and money outweighs integrity. Guess she’s one of those people because the content is definately racist or carries racist undertones. It’s not necessarily the nudity, but the suggestive accessory options (chain like beads, mesh muzzle) and submissive poses. All implying that women of color are beneath caucasian women, and are merely sex objects….racist

  15. It’s not the fact that there’s a black model, that’s great, it’s the context in which she’s shown. Naked, a sex toy, or in bondage and very much the plaything of the white model.

    You can’t have a pictorial of white and black people, where the black person, regardless of sex, situation model or not, is naked and trussed up and obviously at the beck and call of a white person who remains fully clothed, without those connotations coming up.

    In the context of selling clothes, which let’s face it it’s what an editorial is, it’s crass. I don’t think this editorial is THOUGHT PROVOKING, I think it’s crass, obvious distasteful but not worth getting really angry about because it is so childish.

  16. Won’t say it’s racist, but why is Rei naked in every shot while the other one isn’t? You can’t help but wonder what the point is.

  17. ^^ Ellie: really? So bondage is ok as long as the submissive person is not black with a dominant white person? If we are truly to get past racicsm then this should not be taboo.

    Anyway, I would say the comments here show that it’s quite thought provoking on the contrary

  18. Come on. Haven’t there been plenty of editorials/ad campaigns like this where both models are white?? So what if they picked a black model for this one, the pics are amazing, the only sad thing about it is that no one’s really looking at Melodie, Rel looks perfect. And for whoever said she isn’t selling anything but her body, she is wearing shoes and lingerie, she’s not some “accesory” in the pictures.

    People who see racist overtones in everything would complain even if the roles in this editorial were the opposite.

  19. Twit,

    that’s not the point regarding bondage as S&M sex game. These images are troubling in the context of a black woman, tied up, naked, her face obliterated or covered and obviously subjugated to a white woman as a toy.

    And YES these images are transgressive in as much as that they trade on centuries of enslavement – it’s the plantation massah with the most beautiful slave girl, only with a sapphic twist.

    These images would be no less troubling were it a white man and black woman, however here they’re supposed to be beautiful and artistic because what? It’s sapphic, in a fashion magazine, the fact that these images are there for no other reason to sell clothes makes them worse, far worse – it’s trading on a highly emotive and contentious issue for something as superficial as selling a jacket.

    These images aren’t intended as sociological provocation or document – they’re simply there to sell clothes and that’s why as a black woman I find this totally depressing. It’s not a version of black womanhood that I connect with nor want to be part of and that’s why Gustavo’s rather stupid comment that you look at the black girl is so bloody galling, yes you look at her as a victim, as a toy, as having given up her autonomy as a plaything and product of 300 years of slavery. And that’s not a version of being black that I want to be a part of.

  20. For starters, she is not tied up, and her face is not obliterated. The subjugation you are seeing is very subjective. Where you see that, others will just see sexual innuendos.

    It is all about the viewer’s point of view, hence my point about trying to get past our own prejudices.

    You are uncomfortable with what this image represents to you, I can’t argue with that. But it doesn’t mean you are right about the photographer’s intention in creating this image.

  21. Honestly, I didn’t see any racism in this at all when I first looked at it. I just thought it was a cool editorial with some lesbian undertones. I still don’t consider it racist. It’s just two beautiful women modeling clothes and lingerie.

  22. Okay, Mayday, Mayday. I give up. Let’s all just look at dah pwiddy pidtures.

    Malcolm and Martin, rest easy, your work is done.

  23. Well, this is definitely a thought-provoking editorial. At first glance, I think it would be nice if R’el Dade were looking into the camera more – it would soften the “sex slave” look. Instead, she does come off looking more submissive to Mélodie Dagault’s role.

    But this doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that because Mélodie Dagault is a blonde girl of European orgin, R’el Dade will likely never see her career blow up as big. That’s where the racism comes into the industry. Sad.

  24. Geeze Louise! I’m reading all of this in shock! It’s clearly RE’L DADE people!!! Even got it wrong! I’m sorry, but ALL BLACK PEOPLE DON’T LOOK ALIKE!!!! How rude. Nevertheless, Ellie I do agree with you. Black models are definitely subjectified in this industry! People seem to blindfold things and pretend like racism died back in the 60’s. I think Re’l took what she had and made it simply beautiful. I hate the concept…because it makes me think of her being a white woman’s doll.

    Also, this spread makes me question what the hell casting directors think when they look at black ,models! And the thing that makes me crack up is that even the “Light skinned black woman” is better than the “Darker skinned black woman in the fashion industry”. If she’s dark…then people in the fashion industry immediately think of GRACE JONES or a damn queen!!!! Grace has definately revolutionized the fashion industry for black women…but come on she was back in the 80’s! People like kinee diouf’s book show’s versatility, yet quite a few of her photographs resemble Grace jones. The fashion industry sucks when it comes to People of any ethinicity! It’s disgusting and despicable. It feels as though people of ethnicity have to swallow their damn pride and do it!! I’d like to see how Re’l feels about this idea.

    I really hope the fashion industry get there ish together! Hell I’d like to see more of Latinos….africans….Native Americans….Indians…etc in editorials. So far I’m over the fahion industry and I feel like it died a long time ago just like the idea of supermodels and individuality did.

  25. Kim, I have to disagree, I think this editorial will open a lot of doors for Rel, and with that face and body she could be as huge as Liya or Jourdan. But I agree, racism in the industry is shown by only booking 1 or 2 black girls for a show (and sometimes none at all, which just makes me lose respect for the designer). Rel will probably replace another top black girl this season, and that’s sad. At the same time, some designers and magazines are using more black girls than they used to, which could be a sign that things are finally changing for the better.

  26. um Ellie do you now anything about the teachings of Malcolm X? Apparently not… Well kudos to the photographer for causing a stir.

  27. “um Ellie do you now anything about the teachings of Malcolm X? Apparently not… Well kudos to the photographer for causing a stir.”

    What are you talking about?

  28. i honestly think you guys are thinking way toooooooo much your giving yourself a headache

    i think rel looks banging she has mannikin proportion like common thats freakin amazing just look at her

    i don’t over anlayze the ed i just think its so beautiful and kinky

    speaking for most of the ladys in america here we want rel body!! well i do

  29. Ellie girl, I’m with you. don’t worry about it. It’s just something that Africans as a whole will have to continually deal with when it come to images and what is taboo or not. People won’t get it into they are in our shoes. Period!

  30. first when I saw the first pic, I was thinking ” oh, an other cliché with a darkskin model naked and “soumise”, and then I was thinking how beauty she is and the amazing body she has, and how she’s new in modelingworld, and I was telling to my self, that people will talk about this for long, but I wonder how long will she stay in business, because it’s not a good idea to get naked with the first works,
    but again, it is for Numero so she cn make an exception,

    Godd luck R’el,

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