Model: A Memoir

MDC reviews Cheryl Diamond’s memoir of her modeling days.
Why to buy: Unlike that other modeling book out there currently (Violet on the Runway), Cheryl Diamond’s book, Model: A Memoir is the real deal. She actually worked in NY with a real agency. It’s the only book I’ve read (so far) that gives the model’s perspective on the industry. Some of the names are changed but many are not and the places are most definitely real. For people NOT in the business, it’s an interesting and mostly true book about the atmosphere of the industry.

The Cons: It’s a very simply written book but then I had to remember that I was reading a novel targeted to the Young Adult (teen) audience. Also, at times, I thought, “Boy, does she think she’s fabulous.” While she definitely worked in the business, Cheryl did not work with the top agencies and clients. How she portrays her agency (not one of the best ones) can be mis-leading, making people think that ALL agencies are like this… The best agencies do NOT have the shady business practices that hers did.

All in all though, we acknowledge her intelligence and ambition at an age when many other models her age are just struggling to understand who they are.

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