1. i love it! (: does anyone know what happened to PUBLIC IMAGE WORLDWIDE? does anyone know the website? thanks.

  2. something very nice is going on at Harper´s Bazaar! i wonder if they will ever be the second choice for fashion magazine addicts…but i dont think so, not anymore!

  3. I love the editorial, and I agree with Gustavo, I used to love American Vogue, but now i think i prefer Harpers.

  4. M.F. Did A Good JOb Here.. Ive ALwaya Liked HEr. And Terry Richardsons photography!! perfect match!

  5. I know Terry Richardson is majorly used up this season, but this is amazing. I agree, something is happening at Harper’s Bazaar and it seems like they’re about to kill American VOGUE…(if they succeed, that is. hahaha) But yeah, I will definitely buy Harper’s Bazaar for September. Great job

  6. Wow!!! Love the last photo. I wish I shop like her. I always prefer American Bazaar over Amarican Vogue. Nice work.

  7. oh la la!!!! this girl is the most beautiful i’ve ever seen…!!!! i love her powerful jaws…. she looks like my sister svetlana and were filipino-english….

  8. harper bazaar has always been under rated, their fotos are better but vogue is the fashion bible…. american vogue sucks major ass….. always same girls and nothing of a challenge to make it look interesting.

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