1. Clement is probably one of my favorites male models nowadays and to see him in a new editorial is really nice. simple and good

  2. “The Brazilian Guys are much better”

    Considering the size of Brazil it doesn’t really have that many well known male models. During June shows in Milan there were hardly any Brazilians! The only high profile one’s at the moment are Marlon & Jesus Luz [for all the wrong reasons] … Besides, all caucasian Brazilians have European ancestry!

  3. having european ancestry still makes them BRAZILIANS, wheter you like it or not Anon!
    We´re pretty anyway, get used to it

  4. im sososososo sick of this whole Brazilian thing. have pride, sure, but Brazilians in my experience are the most pompous people. just be quite already. yeah, we get it, Brazil produces pretty people. so does every other country, and many more so.

    chill out.

  5. “The Brazilian guys are much better”.
    I’ve lived in Brazil for six years, and honestly the Brazilian women are much better. Brazilian men don’t stand out for their beauty. Actually, Italian, English and Argentinian are the most beautiful men in the world.

  6. I’ve never been taken by Monsieur Chabernaud, I think is a very average guy in every sense, much keener on other french models like Louis Prades, Jeremy Dufour or Julien Quevenne.
    About good looking guys, Daniela, I agree with you on shortlisting Italy and Argentina as sources for beautiful men, and I’d add other different types, like the ones from Greece or the Netherlands. England? I’ve been living here for over ten years now, and the Paul Sculfors, Will Chalkers and David Gandys are NOWHERE to be seen.

  7. no i think those of iranian, presian,eyptians iraqi descent of any country are the most beatuiful… italians,africans(of spainish/or african)– that goes to south/latin Amreican decent, french, and aussie men too…. they all beautiful.

    i’m brazilian/cuban.. so i’m good….lol!

  8. what about Scandinavian men!? Allot of good models coming out of scandinavia especially considering how small the population is both men and women.

  9. BRAZILIAN BOYS???? Jeremy Dufour? you are so 2005 darling!

    That’s the funniest thing i’ve heard in ages though!!! hahaha

    Clement is gorgeous! Kacper is a great photographer, great job!

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