1. To Charles,
    Tyra might be the doyenne of ANTM and a household name, but all I can say is… Tyra did Sports Illustrated covers…. Coco does Vogue covers (American, Italian, you name it)…. I think Ms Rocha knows what she’s doing…


  2. it was a joke… get over it… eat and have a sense of humor. Nobody eats in fashion anymore. And when your hungry the sense of humor goes first. Also check out my blog. You will see a video of tyra at a Herve Leger show. You would see the Supermodel she could have been if Naomi C. didn’t ruin her. I studied fashion and live it honey. Go toe to toe with me, you’ll lose.

    And it’s Venus Williams not Serena at the MET fashion eveny with Andre Leon Tally. Pls get ur black people straight.

    Thank You


  3. I love her look! Karl Lagerfeld always has done his best work! Brilliant! They work it out once again!

    Speaking of the devil….How come Tyra didn’t get Vogue Cover anywhere? Hmm…nope. Naomi got them (British, Paris, Nippon, etc). The racist is old news. Deal with it. Move on, honey.

    Dwell on the past is not healthy for everyone include the devil.

    Look ahead into the future and learn harsh lesson from the past.

    God bless the world!

  4. I looooove Coco Rocha!!!! She most definately is becoming a fashion icon. (Mine anyways. šŸ™‚

  5. I LOOOVE Coco Rocha!! She is most definately becoming an icon. (Or at least mine. :-)) I love her GAP ads too!!!!

  6. Charles,
    If you meant it as a joke, I’m sorry I misunderstood. It IS the Internet
    after all and we can only read things at face value. We can’t “get”
    from your intonations that you are joking.
    Thanks for pointing out my error about Venus, I’m much more familiar
    with the sisters in their tennis personas, than all glammed up like this. I
    obviously didn’t look closely enough at the picture.

  7. Sorry I didn’t recognize the joke but I’ve gone to A LOT of blogs and have read nasty snarky comments about Tyra. Tyra was on her way to Vogue covers and that type of stardom. Her interactions with Naomi made her not like “High” fashion so she went to her bookers at IMG and they devised a new career plan. They created a commercial / sort of high fashion hybrid. Tyra, Heidi Klum, and Rebecca Romijn Stamos were the first test run for this career path. You were Kathy Ireland or Iman… not both. Gisele is the perfected version of this. Every girl at IMG has benefited for thr ground work those agents and those three models did. A model who can bounce between HIGH fashion and hawking Birkinstocks. It’s upsetting when I goto NUMEROUS fashion sites and some of these girls aren’t given their due or respect.

  8. Charles,

    Chill the hell out, you talk as if you’ve personally known these models for years and years. You are an overdramatic attention seeker, please get over yourself and appreciate good work when you see it. You’ve somehow managed to divert the well deserved recognition Coco should be getting for this cover into a mindless discussion about Tyra Banks. WTF.

    Betty, bless you for being patient with this imbecile. Your apology was overly-generous, then again, any response more than a big “FU” to his unnessary lashing out at you would be considered overally generous.

  9. Hi Everyone,
    Ok… Let’s have a truce.. We totally respect Tyra for what she’s done and is doing (we DO remember her Leger days). Same for Coco for what she’s done and is doing..

    It’s been very interesting and enlightening about Tyra but as Woah Nelly says, this post was about Coco originally.. let’s get back to that!

    And thank you Woah Nelly, I’m patient because I’m a mother to a toddler.. but Charles himself deserves acknowledgement for his passion about Tyra and knowledge of the biz :).

    Back to our original broadcast!


  10. MY GOD! i canĀ“t believe your fight began with a neck problem in this picture… For GodĀ“s sake itĀ“s Karl and Coco, IT COULDĀ“VE BEEN A BLANC PICTURE AND ITĀ“D STILL BE –P E R F E C T–

    Go Coco!
    Go Karl!

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