Saint Laurent Paris

Melodramatic critic drama and twitter feuds aside, there is one thing everyone can agree on when it comes to Saint Laurent Paris, the new ads are gorgeous and Anja Rubik gives her all in Hedi Slimane‘s images. Simple black and white, gorgeous suiting, a touch of the classic Yves Le Smoking – dare we say it, these ads have everything fashionistas were looking for from Slimane’s new vision for the house.

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  1. i whole heartedly disagree, i think the collection itself is interesting and all the rubbish of dropping part of a name that is so poetic and beautiful is one thing again, these images are like all hedi’s photographs of fashion, they dont capture me as i should be, all the elements are there it just is not impactful, i imagine any number of the bigger ( and smaller ) photographers out there taking these images and what they would add to a great collection. hedi is a great designer, obviously great at stirring up a debate and gaining attention but not a good photographer.

  2. I think it’s so disrespectful to change the name of Yves Saint Laurent, he worked for years to create his own label. This is going in a negative direction, Anja looks great, put I miss Peter

  3. Saint Laurent Paris or Heidi Slimane for Saint Laurent sounds like a spin off brand for Yves Saint Laurent or something .

  4. Umm, no thanks. This incarnation of YSL is going to be horrible ad-wise. He’s micromanaging EVERYTHING. Let it go, Hedi. Just let it go.

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