Mind the Gap

Those lucky enough to get the Gap insert in this season’s magazines are treated to a veritable smorgasbord of the industry’s favorite models complete with their names next to 14 different styles of jeans. The all American company went international with the women’s side: Anja Rubik, Carmen Kass, Du Juan, Freja Beha Erichsen, Isabeli Fontana, Maryna Linchuk and the newest kid on the block, Arlenis Sosa are showcased beautifully by Craig McDean and the all star team of Karl Templer, Orlando Pita,  Lucia Pieroni and stellar casting eye of Anita Bitton for The EstablishmentOther Link.  3 American men made the cut: former MOTW Noah Mills, Tommy Dunn and Anderson Noel join Sasha Knezevic, Will Chalker, Andrew Cooper and Andres Velencoso Segura. Who’s your favorite Gap face? (See the rest of the images here)




  1. All the girls look amazing except arlenis… i never rewally liked her tho… carmen def. looks adorable!!!

  2. Nice! In this economy, one an always turn to the Gap. My fave? Andres Velencoso Segura. That boy is FIIIINE. Isabeli’s looks and curves are going to garner more attention that anyone else, I tend to think. Really happy to see Du Juan and Arlenis Sosa in here, too.

  3. Wow, ISABELI is the best! All models look amazing! Simple campaign, but very good choice of models!!

  4. i saw maryna linchuk at barnes and noble last week which was cool but i’d rather have seen anja rubik.

  5. I always love GAP campaign,simple and gorgeous make me wants to buy everything but the actually clothes are not as nice as in the campaign. It seems I can’t find the clothes are on the campaign.Sold out maybe….

  6. I thought the same thing about Freja! It could not have been a coincidence. But a little humor never hurt anyone

  7. Here’s my take on this campaign….

    owned this…. she elevated the GAP to casual sophistication with her individual style.

    “Du Juan” is gorgeous. Luv it.

    “Carmen Kass” – poor Ms Kass, she’s stucked with the BF jeans, its boyish and not sexy, but she worked it.

    “Isabelli” – luv the face. She’s good, she strategically worked her hips, to make her fifure curvy. Isabelli has a narrow hips. Good Job!

    “Arlenis” – she doesn’t look like a model.she looks wide, but maybe because she’s placed next to freja, who looks amazing.

    “Maryna” – ugghhh her Rabbit teeth, bugs me.

    “Anja Rubic” – Anja is standing next to a man who is more beautiful than her. sorry Anja.

    All in All Love it.

    Freja won this….GAP use her again in the future!

  8. for the MEN…

    Will Chalker wow…..WOW!!!!

    the eyes, the smile, the body….

    Boyish, Manly, Rugged, Handsome, Cute, Sexy….

    Will Has it All!

  9. noah, will and andres were also the faves at versace’s spring 2010 show, they rightfully are.

    isabeli, carmen and du juan look great! freja’s is cute and i thought maryna’s would look better…

  10. I go for Isabeli. She’s got a great body, and a clean, natural beauty. Hands down, the best face in the catwalk.

  11. Speaking of Great Faces….Isabelli has that classic, Undeniable Beauty that will last a lifetime…

    How come she never had a Major Beauty Contract?

    Isabelli always give good face.

    This is a Travesty.

  12. isabeli- naturally looks beautiful and the pose really works well with the denim.

    freja- even though im not really into her, she’s sure giving face and body and would probably be the first picture that i get drawn to.

    arlenis- im going to keep saying this everytime she does it. she. needs. to. work. on. giving. face! and in this campaign, she needs to work on her body too (not physically) but the pose just looks weird. arlenis gives the same exact face no matter what new thing i see her in.

    carmen- made her denim work. i think she actually looks sexy and great along with isabeli.

    andres & will- look obviously the best working it with their charm and modeling experience. the other guys look very plain and bored.

    du juan- could of came out better because she is beautiful

    all the others- didnt recognize them and can’t even remember their names. sure goes to how much they really stood out huh?

  13. I am convinced that Freja is becoming a great model…..She owned the GAP campaign!

    but take a look at GUCCI!!!

    Love or hate her there, among the sea of hot and happening models (#1 Raquel), She immediately draw your eyes towards her….There’s a reason GUCCI put her front and center!

    not into Freja, but I’m beginning to be intrigued by her….she has a fierce personal style….

    she does, stands out from the rest!


  14. I think Isabelli looks effortless in that picture, she’s such a natural beauty.

    Karmen made an awkward look seem easy and casual, almost a tender moment.

    But the queen of them all is Freja, she looks so fierce, wow she did it.

    I feel sorry for Arlenis and all the proponent of using black models, she is useless and does not know how to pose in all the campaign I have seen her.She is mostly used as the token black model but can’t work it out (By la Wintour). She doesn’t even look that good.
    They should have used Emanuela de Paula,Sessilee Lopez,or even Ajuma or Laksmi.

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