Noir City

Greg Lotus transports us back to the glamour of the 1940s for Vogue Italia. The talented lensman shoots Tanya Dziahileva, Christina Carey and newcomer Janete Friedrich for a series of images that look like stills from a neo-Noir film. Each girl plays her part perfectly and the dramatic lighting, combined with the overarching sense of mystery makes for an especially intriguing tale.





Tanya, Christina & Janete by Greg Lotus | Image Credit Diciassette @ tFS

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  1. i love vogue italia and this editorial is so cool ,dramatic,dark love it!!!to see  Tanya is this editorial makes me happy i really like her and the way she walks is out of this world . Janete is Brazilian like so she is perfect just like me hahahaha I’m kidding, but she is good ,exotic

  2. they dont really look good at all..janete s over photoshopped to look like in person doesnt really look that way… lol

  3. aww tanya.. wat a nice surprise… she look better here… not so weird looking… the other girls look beautiful..

  4. OMG… after the Lanvin’s campaign… I’m sooooo madly and deeply in love with MEISEL again!!!
    and of course, my favorite girl of ALL-time, TANYA D!!!
    These girls totally worked it in this editorial!!!!!!! I’m so in love!!! I’m getting goosebumps looking thru the images…

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