1. Natasha is without a doubt an icon now. Her career seems to be so inspirational to a lot of folks in the biz. After the Daria/Liya/Natalia era, she is the biggest girl yet!! Just an impeccable career!! Though I always worry when she doesn’t book a slew of campaigns EVERY season, she always manages to book the best covers, and she become quite prolific. To the ICONS list already MDC!! She has more than pay her dues.

  2. Natasha deserves to be #1 and Lara must go to icons! I feel being an icon is good but also few jobs, and slowed recognition.
    I don’t ever know how Joan became Top 1 #2.

    Gorgeous fall cover and Love the long hair on her.

  4. Amazing!So beautiful! The color scheme is really nice and I don’t know why but I find it quite fresh. Her hair looks great as well.

  5. Normally I dont like these outdoor cover shots but She’s giving a bit of a vampire vice with that look. Love it. Ooooh stunning.. I like the quietness of it.. at first I thought it was a little boring and wished the shot had been much closer but it seems perfectly working in those images together.. Definitely puts you in the mood for autumn … <3 <3 <3
    Love it, just perfect..
    Best Vogue September cover this year!

  6. she is a supermodel! girl worked very hard for it! but the styling=cover is so carine roitfeld copied in wrong way…lara should be switched to icons. give n.1 to this woman. NIk dont worry if she doesn’t book a slew of campaigns each season. Thats how she kept her longevity!!!9years continuation…how many models came and go during those 9??? She is the only remaining model from my generation.

  7. The best cover.



  8. I think, Stradivarius, that Natasha is too big for Top 50; point blank. She doesn’t belong with that same crop of girls.

  9. i see that i am the only one who thinks this is missing something, natasha is beautiful but this isnt the best i dont think.

  10. No doubt. Best Vogue September cover so far, maybe even the greatest for 2012. Natasha, one of those girls aka supermodels who never let us down in every work they did. Just at their finest, everything, everytime, everywhere.

  11. Ugh she looks amazing!!!!! Love the story and b&w profile shots are stunning. Cuneyt is really going places, his pictures get better and better, he’s killing it every time. Cover is beautiful, love the make-up

  12. Lara and Natasha are icons, absolutely. Requirements are present: longevity, several magazine covers, countless campaigns for major fashion companies, are famous …

  13. Not my fav kind of model, but she’s objectively amazing, even if here… well, I can’t actually love, or just like, her here… these images somehow gave me the impression of being to Natasha as the drawings of a toy gun (drawings, not even photos) are to a warm smoking gun (whatever such an analogy may mean…).

  14. Why all of this Natasha “and Lara”??

    I’m sorry – Lara has absolutely nothing on Natasha. Never has – never will!

  15. Natasha is truly supreme.

    I don’t know of another model that works harder or more consistently and delivers a top notch performance every single time.

    Model Monster!

  16. guys can i ask you why Natasha Poly isn’t on the money list? Natasha has a L’Oreal contract who pay her a million and a half dollars per year (confirmed by Sunday Times Style magazine), plus she has a Givenchy fragrance contract from 2 seasons and now she’s the new face of Jimmy Choo new fragrance, probably also a contract with Gucci Fiat 500, lot of campaigns for 2012 like Prada, Dsquared2, Jil Sander, H&M, Proenza Schouler and a Pirelli Calendar in 2012 and 2011. I’m pretty sure she got more money than Shu Pei, Arlenis Sosa, Daniela DeJesus, Carmen Kass, Emily DiDonato, Toni Garrn, Iselin Steiro, Erin Wasson and Julia Stegner.

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