1. Okay Raquel must be making more than Coco as a model. So why isn’t she part of the Money Girls? She’s been Number 1 for over two years now and she is constantly getting new work. She must be making some serious bank from modeling

  2. Indeed the Raquel is somewhat accustomed to cold environment because it comes from the cooler region of Brazil

  3. is this a campaign??!! looks like an editorial…but raquel is amazing she deserves to be number 1 and stay in that place

  4. To CB: Models.com only counts modeling jobs in their $ lists, Forbes will include other side gigs so their lists are based differently.

  5. I, for one, don’t think anyone – including Forbes – can make an accurate assessment of every model’s earnings. Different countries have different laws regarding financial disclosure. And some models don’t have to disclose everything.

  6. Don’t really like this ad, thought it was another Fendi. More works doean’t mean more money, it all depends on her price. For example: Gisele is $1M for a job and Raquel is $250K for a job. maybe this is the reason she is not part of the money girls.

  7. I never wonder why Raquel’s ranked at no.1 about two years now. for me she always looks stunning.

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