Kerr by Bloom

Miranda Kerr by Orlando Bloom for The NY Times T Magazine

It is not every day that a budding supermodel is featured in an editorial shot by her movie star husband – though we wish these things did happen more often. Can someone please instruct Leonardo Dicaprio on the art of photography… In the NYT piece Kerr heads to New Zealand to accompany Bloom as he films The Hobbit and she brings a slew of goodies with her from Altuzarra, Phillip Lim & Brooks Brothers. See the full story on NYT

  1. Orlando is a good photographer!! I’m very impressed by his composition! Who knew

    Wish some of the best photos were featured here!

  2. Harsh criticism of Mr. Bloom’s work…well I think he did well. Perhaps people are just “hating” they do not have a (great) model for a wife. She has amazing feet too! (=

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