1. Brad Pitt never looked that good! Thanks Arnaldo for these photos! I’ll be seeing this German in my dreams tonight! 😉

  2. He is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen!
    Does he have a site, or a myspace?
    what is his full name?

  3. lol I grew up with Justin, he was and still is my next door neighbor. He is an amazing guy! No he is not married and yes he has a myspace and a facebook. He is actually heading to the Caribbean Islands for a photoshoot for the Hardrock Casino right now. Maybe when he gets back, we might be teaming up to do a shoot together.

  4. I am getting ready to publish my first novel, and Justin is the spitting image of my main character, Jace Chamberlain. I would love to get permission to use a photo of him for my book cover. Please … I’m begging!

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