Into The Groove

In the years since Tom Ford’s departure Gucci may have turned down the heat but they’ve amped up the rock n’ roll cool of their campaign imagery. This season’s Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin extravaganza focuses on the kind of club scene every one wants to be a part of. Cool kids like Christian Brylle, Freja Beha Erichsen, Myf Shepherd, Dree Hemingway, Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly and Abbey Lee Kershaw rock it out on the dancefloor while high fashion MVPs Jacquetta Wheeler, Raquel Zimmermann and Jamie Bochert play it cool. Just what song do you think is playing in the background of all this madness?

  1. I fucking love this! Raquel is one of my favorites right now. And I have always loved Natasha Poly. Jamie Bochart is on fire for me right now! If Lara was here, then this would be the best ad ever for me.

  2. How could you forget to mention Natasha Poly.. she’s the real magic in this campaign.. shame..

  3. yeah i guess why all the bad comments are gone…for sure they are not allowed because advertize gucci…honestly this campaign sucks…does anybody remember the hanna,daria,dewi campaigns with Testino??comparing to this i think its time Frida to departure herself from Gucci…bring back Tom, coz this thing sucks!!!

  4. Raquel is proving every day why the number 001 … Oh wait because of the new campaign is coming star by Hermes … secure that no one blonde!

  5. To Vasko,

    Gucci does not advertise with us. If you have intelligent and thoughtful comments on the topic, even if it’s criticism, it will be published.


  6. Freja would look so much better if her mouth was closed. these remind me of those horrible D&G ad’s. but Abbey Definitely takes the cake in this entire spread. her hair and body movement are perfect. But whoever did the art direction for this is completely lost.

  7. why isn’t anyone paying attention to the fact that ABBEY LEE is ROCKING THIS AD! You can barely even see Myf in the back. I think Freja looks stupid, what is with that. I agree with LaSucks, you are right on point. This is so bad I don’t even want to look at it.

  8. why did someone’s comment get erased…is really that biased about what’s said about certain models. i can’t believe that!!

  9. Allow me to field this question about comment deletion.

    Firstly, comments are almost never deleted. They’re either approved or unapproved. If you don’t see your comment immediately that means its in the queue to be approved.

    Secondly, when you post multiple comments under different usernames but with the same IP address – particularly incoherent, vitriolic comments containing profanity it decreases the chances of your comment being approved. Hence the reason why “someone” didn’t get their comment on the site.

    I hope this clears up any confusion on that subject.

  10. haha, when i looked at the first picture i didnt notice Freja i was looking at Natasha, but then i looked at it again and i noticed Freja .. haha

  11. This is almost AMAZING!!! but in fact a mess.

    A complete mish mash of models and Christian Brylle thrown in for no apparent reason.

    And where’s the colour???

  12. Oh my god, Christian’s nipple piercing

    This ad is bit unoriginal
    it just looks like a bad TIGI ad.

  13. I love this ad,is very Gucci like Tom Ford did years ago but still feel something is missing. Don;t know what , can someome tell me?

  14. Natasha definitely the star of this campiagn once you’ve seen all the pics, she is front and center in almost every pic

  15. OK I LOVE>> Raquel(Amazing) POly( That Stare) Abbey( Rockin It as a brunette) Jamie( classic) Myf ( my fav new comer)oh yes and Anja( she is Gucci).. I hate Freja( looks Cheap) Jaquetta( why) and Dree( WHy) Ugh!!

  16. I just don’t get it,the ad looks a whole mess!! but i just love Freja~~~why would anybody say she looks “cheap”?!I hate abbey lee,and Raquel’s pose is very weird

  17. Freja won this campaign…

    Love her or hate her, she pulls all eyes on her….

    that’s why her name comes up here, negative or positive…

    in the sea of models, she stood out….like her GAP ad.

  18. Freja Cheap???

    Are you clinically Insane…?
    She HOT!

    Just not in this photo…

    The photo Looks Shit ..The Models Look Bored Doing Random Moves.
    And the Duddee Is Like Stretching Like CRAZY

  19. i love the campaign especially freja
    its just to bad that none of the magazines
    are actually printing the one with freja on them………..

  20. One of my favorite Gucci campaigns ever. Freja, Anja, Abbey and Christian Brylle are my favorites here.

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