The Art of Collaboration

Great campaigns aren’t just made they’re the result of the dedication and ingenuity of an entire team. For their F/W campaign Bottega Veneta pulled out all the stops, enlisting Steven Meisel to shoot the all star cast of Sigrid Agren, Anna Jagodzinska and Eddie Klint. The list of contributors doesn’t end there though – heavy hitters like Guido Palau, Pat McGrath and designer Tomas Maier can all be seen lending their expertise to the project in the behind the scenes video. Check out The Art of to see the video and experience even more of the Bottega world.


Anna J & Sigrid by Meisel for Bottega

  1. Sigrid’s Body and Sway and Thrust are all working and caught the camera!

    Sadly, Anna J look like she ‘s just walking with left arm placed on waist and the other one, holding a black trash Bag.

  2. The new crop of girls that emerged in 2009 are ALL like twins, diversity is a word in the past for some agencies unfortunately

  3. how can anna j be “jizzing” if u cant even tell da difference between the 2, to honest i’d think these are the same ppl if there wasnt the discription,
    i am i the only one that notices that photographers/stylists try to make models look exactly the same as possible!

  4. the only way to recognize them is that sigrid have longer neck, and anna have strong structure…

    overall, I love sigrid way more, i love how she is so natural in the campaign, looks like she is walking down the runway

    anna.j is juz not my type..

  5. I want to start seeing more black models in high fashion runway shows and high fashion magazines. Where are the black models?

  6. Spanish, west indian, women from the islands are all beautiful. We don’t see them like we see white models. Almost half of the white models we do see all look alike anyway. Models of color bring more diversity to fashion.

  7. Gustavo and Sam probably think Naomi and Lya Kebede look like twins. Tao and Liu Wen…
    Really don’t think Toni looks like Nimue or Ymre or Giedre just cause they have the same typ. all beautiful individuals.

  8. Beautiful campaign, really loving it..
    The video is great, I wish it was better quality and longer… give us more!

  9. I love Sigrid! I wasn’t really a fan of Anna Jag when I first saw her, I kind of just thought she was simply a pretty lady. But now I’m seeing her model appeal.

  10. I don’t know what’s wrong with Sigrid – lookin at her backstage photos I thought she has such an intense stare with her big chocolate brown eyes, but somehow her editorial and campaign work fails. She’s painfully wacant in this pic and every other this season campaign.

    On the other hand Anna always delivers – you may hate it but the girl is on a roll.

  11. “Gustavo and Sam probably think Naomi and Lya Kebede look like twins.”

    Um, no. Anyone can tell them apart considering one of them is the most recognizable and iconic fashion models ever. Plus there’s no mistaking Naomi’s very healthy, athletic dancer’s body.

    “Who cares really about diversity, if it sells, it sells.”

    Screw you.

  12. OMG Anna is Gorg, the way she holds the bag if a bit weird though
    And Siggy, just perfect. simple and strong as always!!! Her editorial work?? Go buy the ID, and the last chinese vogue! lol
    Great ad.

  13. I agree with q.. give me something that I can’t take my eyes off of, something rare and different.. I’m over it as well

  14. I Am Complaetely in Love With A.J, Sigrid is growing on me.. she looks mediocre here.. they look similar but AJ’s face is much stronger… sigrid was a bad choice in my opinion

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