Beauty Bytes : Angel Style

Few brands are as readily associated with beautiful bodies as Victoria’s Secret. With some of the business’ best physiques strutting down the pink catwalk every year and a reputation for sexy it is no surprise that their latest creations are all about caring for the body. With VS beauties Candice Swanepoel and Bregje Heinen on hand for a round of morning yoga, the brand launched its new Body by Victoria & Love My Body lines at the St. James.

Take a look at the fun-filled event and tell us why you ought to win a bottle of the brand new Body by Victoria fragrance – best comment gets a bottle.

Candice & Bregje are all smiles – looking amazing even in yoga gear.

A look at the beauty bounty – Body by Victoria Fragrance, a seductive blend of mandarin, peach, raspberry leaves & water blossoms.

Even the yoga mats are pink on planet VS – we appreciate their commitment to the color.

The brand new Body By Victoria lace Bra

Even supermodels need a little yoga guidance every now and then.

Sneak peek at the brand new ♥ My Body Line of lotions, creams and shower gels.

Images Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

  1. Ahh love them! Brand new angel Bregje looks amazing! (proud to be Dutch :p) And Candice always does. 🙂 I’d really love to win the fragrance, because there’s no Victoria’s Secret in the Netherlands. 🙁 Such a shame, while there’re 2 Dutch angels..

    Xoxo Cathy

  2. Great pictures! I would love to win because I am mommy of two in a serious health rut. I’m ready to get in shape and know it will be a long hard road but well worth it! These beautiful ladies can be my inspiration and smelling great in the process can only help:)

  3. I want it because I love VS brand, VS angels, perfumes, mandarins, peaches, raspberries and pure water!

  4. VS + Yoga = Body and Mind together.

    When you put together the most successful lingerie line promoting the rigorous healthy lifestyle of Yoga, then you will know the secret behind so many of their beautiful models.

    Kudos to you.


  5. If I win I’ll promote VS wherever i go especially when I visit my family in Mexico where there are no VS stores & give your lotions as gifts to your future customers(:
    VS roXXX
    <3 VS 4ever!!!!!!!!!!
    A L

  6. Wow, that’s so great that Victoria’s Secret is doing a body line. This sends out a great message to love your body and that taking care of it is so important. Also, the My Body fragrance line goes hand in hand with the new yoga wear, ’cause it’s kinda saying that you have to put exercise and relaxation into your daily routine to have a healthy body. Lastly, this is a great message for girls everywhere who shop at VS who may be insecure about their bodies. DON’T FORGET, TAKE CARE AND LOVE YOUR BODY!

  7. Agree, bregje has unusula face as miss india aishwarya, you are so right!! When i saw her interviews she extremely beautiful than candice.

  8. Candice Swanepoel

    the sexiest supermodel with the best body in the world…with a very healthy and squeaky-clean image! doing all the smart business moves.

    can she get any better?

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