Just Ale

Boo George shows another side of the always alluring Alessandra Ambrosio with a stripped down story in Love Magazine. The images shot just a day before Ambrosio gave birth feature her looking serene on a sprawling beachfront in a simple t-shirt and cutoffs. George captures the VS glamazon at her most natural and radiant, eating an apple, relaxing by the shore and simply glowing.

Images Courtesy of Boo George Studio

  1. Amazing pictures! Simply amazing! I did not like her as a model, but after this pictures I look at her with other eyes! Thanks Boo!

  2. She looks beautiful in this shot.
    But how I wonder how long this a Instagram style photography will be last. I think that vintage style photographs looks great.. As well you will never beat the beauty found in a polaroid.. but where will these photographers go from after here now? Is it the future that fashion photography will be found in using a digital cameras to mirror the photographics styles of the 1950s?
    Was futuristic photography finished in the years 2000s by Nick Knights and Solve Sundsbo?
    I guess this a vintage style is very on a trend now. And this photographer know how to make a nice photo, but after a while in my eyes all these photos look the same.

    Anways I do look at her beauty in these shots. it is appreciated, but maybe i would like some more modern and not so safe photo all the times.

  3. She’s so beautiful! it’s funny seeing someone who is slim with a stomach like that, gorgeous though

  4. Wow can I just say when you’re not exuding your breasts, and your butt cheeks can be seen a woman is actually beautiful, VS girls I should say ARE beautiful.
    There’s something I love about natural photography, it does Ale so well.
    WOW it’s just so lovely :’) I wish there was more.

  5. Funny w/ the cutoff shorts… but still working them as a pregnant woman. Simply beautiful! I’m glad she isn’t covering up her pregnant glow w/ makeup.

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