Bridging the Gap

Colton Haynes/LA Models. Ph: Raquel Olivo for 944.

There’s no shortage of models turned actors these days but few have the personality and charisma of up and comer Colton Haynes. With a slot on the new Showtime series ‘LOOK’ and fresh editorials in Vogue Hommes International and more ready to debut, it is Mr. Haynes turn to step into the spotlight. MDC chats with the very busy young man about what it’s like to transition into film.

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Colton. Polaroid by MDC

  1. but please, tell him to shave his eyebrows (although many are going to say that it is his trademaaarrkk!)

  2. Attractive and charming, he’s a keeper. I think his photos do demonstrate a stark change in persona which is exactly what good acting requires. Best of luck to him. Zoolander 2 would be nice.

  3. He rocks my world! ive been waiting to hear about him on here and i like what i see…very ralph lauren to me

  4. Wow, what a sexy kid. And he should definitely keep those eyebrows. They are something to be jealous of, so natural and luscious.

  5. Some loser on here wrote ” he should shave his eyebrows”!!!…are you serious? You (Gustavo)should get off this site and NEVER return…only douche bags shave and mold their brows….ewwwwwwww..the KID is DAMN fine..keep it up..your’re a charmer!!!eyebrows et al.

  6. His new showtime show is going to be killer! so excited to finally see this kid in action again…what a star

  7. I hope he does the shows this season…not sure if he has yet, probably doesnt have to now that he has his own show. what a stunner

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