Bits and Bytes: The Young Americans, Farewell to Ms Sims


2 new young Americans on our radar. Mitch from DNA Models is only 13 years old. We can’t believe it either!


Charlotte from Photogenics is 16, half Indonesian, half English but from the LA area. Amazing lines!


From foster homes to the cover of Life Magazine, we salute the extraordinary and ground breaking journey of Naomi Sims, called the first black supermodel, who died this past week at the age of 61. Wise as well ( “There is nothing sadder than an old, broke model, and there are many models who have nothing at the end of their career,” Ms. Sims told The Times in 1969), she went on to create a successful line of wigs and cosmetics for black women under her name. Read the Times obituary and take a look at some pictures from her inspiring career.


See the Dior Homme campaign; it does, of course have a lot of gorgeous Brazilian men.

Also for our friends in Brazil, here’s House of Models’ interview with Bruna Tenorio (in Portugese).

For the making of Zara‘s Fall/Winter campaign with Toni Garrn shot by David Sims, click here.

How do you get into the world of fashion? Teen Vogue‘s new book explains it all. With contributions by the Kaiser: Karl Lagerfeld, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino, Chanel Iman and Caroline Trentini, this is the book that we wished we had when we started out oh so long ago. Out on October 5th.

Vanity Fair‘s best dressed list is out. Who made the cut from the fashion industry? Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Georgina Chapman, Tory Burch, Candy Pratts-Price, Franca Sozzani, Natalia Vodianova, Bruce Weber, Peter Beard and Rachel Roy. Eclectic indeed.

Jenna (the no longer Anonymous ex-Model at Jezebel) has a great post on Anna Wintour‘s early days of editing at NY Magazine. Worth taking a sec to see Anna pre-“Never a hair out of place”, along with the most genuine smile we’ve ever seen on her. (As you click through the gallery, make sure you read Jenna’s comments next to the picture).

If Karl Lagerfeld likes you, you will ALWAYS work. Take a sneak peek at his shoot for Purple Fashion with Baptiste Giabiconi, wearing heels, natch.

  1. I dont even know what to say about a 13-year-old male model. If sometimes it is sad with the young girls, i cant imagine how it would be for a guy! I wish a lot of wisdom to DNA bookers!

  2. What a looker and so young. He definitely is going to be a heart breaker. DNA has an amazing reputation I am sure his parents are on board every step of the way. Cant wait to see how he matures and watch them guide his career to stardom.

  3. 13??? WOW!!! Brooke Shields was in her prime at 13 so there!!! I just hope he has a good head on his shoulders..and/or a parent/guardian to watch over him. good luck kid!:)

  4. Naomi Sims…R.I.P. Very sad, she was rather young. I wonder how she would react to opening up today’s Vogue and seeing the lack of color in the Fall/Winter advertisements.

  5. Omg Charlotte is a stunner
    wow her mix is crazy beautiful
    I can see her being a huge star.
    Hope to see more of her
    how tall is she cause her body looks amazing
    does anyone know

  6. that girl is gorgeous!!!!

    i don’t know how i feel about that boy….hes just a boy…who is 13 and probly JUST started pubity. im kinda iffy about it hes just sooo young is he emotionally ready for this?

    the kids looks aleast 21

    i think if they do decide to go on with modeling it should be part time thing, 1st education, 2nd let the kid have his childhood i don’t think they should throw him into yet. im pretty sure most boys at 13 still wants to blow things up and not strut down runway for jil sander

  7. :O NO WAY!
    He can’t be 13… I feel like I’m perving on him lol, he’s georgous though 🙂

  8. Saw Charlotte portfolio online she looks a lot like Kate moss
    she’s a beauty
    can see her on Marc Jacobs or do pink line for Victoria secrets

  9. Charlotte looks A LOT like Ford’s Charo. And the guy is 13? What’s he going to look like at 20, like he’s 30?

  10. I worked with charlotte once, she’s such a sweetheart and is amazing behind the camera.
    she really does look like kate moss if you see her in person.
    hopefully steven meisel catches her.

  11. charlotte is so beautiful
    i wonder if she has an agent in New york
    she should totally go there ASAP!
    upcoming star, hope to seee more of her
    what an amazing mix.. indonesian wow.
    love her.

  12. Charlotte is the new Chanel Iman except way more high fashion. I love that these kids are American. They could both go a long way with the right attitude, especially because they’re so young. Love them.

  13. To Caroline (5:13pm)
    You write,”Imagine if you had a 13-year-old relative (especially a little brother or sister) being used in a highly sexualized manner.”

    I’m not sure why you write wrote what you did as the photo posted of the young man was very straightforward and simple. I’ve known the people over at DNA for a long time and they are one of the most professional and caring team of agents in the world. I do not deny that our industry is filled with practices and people that are shameful but they are far outnumbered by the amount of amazing, creative and inspirational people who always take the higher path, spiritually and professionally.

    There are a number of agencies that I would trust to do the right thing for my child and not put him/her in a situation for which h/she was not ready; DNA is definitely one of them.


  14. “I’ve known the people over at DNA for a long time and they are one of the most professional and caring team of agents in the world.”

    Betty, I do agree with that, however I have say that their decision to sign a 13-year-old boy and straight away trying to promote him to whole industry really disappoints me. The boy is still a child! He does not belong to the Men board at DNA at all. He should be on a Children/Teens board if he wishes to model! They definitely should have waited a few more years before putting him on their board.

    I’m sure that DNA will take good care of him and won’t let him being used in anything sexual or inappropriate, but to me, just putting a 13-year-old boy in men’s clothes is already ridiculous enough…

  15. The models just get younger and younger. At 13 they shouldn’t have to worry about their appearance, at ALL. They should just enjoy being a kid.
    Obviously being in the industry from such a young age has its positive’s and negative’s.
    Regardless of how good a agency is… they cannot be there with someone 24/7.
    Many male and female models smoke drugs and drink underage. I think it can be to much too soon.
    Just a opinion, but perhaps it’s about time some line is drawn?

  16. Irrespective of how caring the agency is [I agree about DNA] … 13 is just way to young, especially for a guy. I know guys in their early twenties who had a hard time dealing with the industry so for a 13 year old it is just absolutely ridiculous. Kids should be enjoying their childhood & at 13 he is well & truly a child.

  17. Betty,

    With all due respect, a 13-year-old should just be a 13-year-old instead of being marketed as an adult. That’s the problem with the modeling industry—kids, who because of genetics don’t look like kids, are often used to sell clothes to adults (Sara Ziff mentions seeing one model backstage working on a coloring book!). As an avoid lover of fashion, I’d rather see real adult women ala Naomi or Guinevere (i.e., women who have developed bodies, have actually lived life, are aware of their sexuality) wear the clothes I’m contemplating buying. I’m sure I’m not alone here in saying that I’m sick of seeing images of barely pubescent models that are trying to tell audiences that this is how adults are supposed to look. And yet we wonder why so many people, especially women, feel so insecure about their bodies or why the industry is engaged in periodic handwringing about models who are too thin. It’s nonsense! There’s a reason why the 90’s supermodels are back.

  18. There were no thirteen-year olds who looked like that when I was in junior high. Damn, he’s either genetically blessed or a freak of nature. Or maybe the two things are one and the same in the modeling world.

  19. Betty

    when you put a 13 yr old in this industry, they have to deal with rejections, sexual predators ( 100% sure of this ), Drugs and Deppression.

    High school life is already tough by itself.

    I think it’s just wrong.

    most of these kids will be messed up later on…..

    Kate, Naomi, Gia, Karen Mulder ( Drugs )Ruslana Korshunova ( jumped off the building, suicide ) and many more……

  20. the fashion industry has always been cruel vicious, and careless, but the disrespect to models not just in age but self esteem, size, looks and treating lyk mechanical robots is just going to far enough. thats why being a supermodel gives u power and the “industry ppl” cant jus treat u lyk a rag doll

  21. It is so funny about the shock people are having over a 13 year old model. This is nothing new in the fashion industry for many years now. There are so many younger lines like Ralph Lauren Kids, Gap Kids, Benneton Kids, Hollister just to name a few. Also even the department stores Macys, JC Penneys, Kohls just for a start use kids for their back to school time of year. There are also agencies like Ford Kids, Wilhelmina kids and Funny faces….
    I think some people should get their heads out of the gutter and next time they are shopping in the teen section of the department stores they should look up and see what image brought them there in the first place.

  22. Frog Pad,

    You’re talking about kids actually doing age-appropriate modeling where consumers know the models are children/teenagers. The distinction various people here are making is when a kid barely out of puberty/still undergoing puberty is modeling clothes intended for adults, being asked to look sexy, and therefore we have no idea how old he really is. Had this post not mentioned the model was 13 years old, would you have guessed? That’s what I find troubling.

  23. I think even though he is 13 he will have plenty of time to learn and develope. Maybe he wants to do this and isnt just an ordinary 13 year old throne into this buisness. Some 13 year olds just dont fit in at school because there different and special. I think if he enjoys it and he is doing age appropriate thing and not over exposed. Why not? He can be a star just watch!!

  24. HEY EVERYONE, DNA is the best agency out there.. he is in good hands trust me.

    Mitch-He’s a handsome young man that will be amazing for modeling.

    Charlotte-is a beautiful young lady and will make it far just by her body and her unique beautiful face and INDONESIAN is something new everyone.

    Mario Testino needs to get her or Steven Meisel!
    send her to EUROPE or NEW YORK!!

    check her fashion spot^^^ posted by “gaga66”

  25. Regarding Caroline’s statement about the 90s supers…I’m not getting this “big return” talk. Kristen, Christy and Claudia are definitely “comebacks”, but Linda, Naomi, Amber, Shalom and company have been doing what they’ve been doing for like…forever (with the exception of Linda’s self-imposed retirement 1998-2000). It’s nothing new that a few campaigns or covers come their way every year.

    And Charlotte, we’re cheering you on!! But sometimes I wonder if all the cheering really works especially when the blue chips rarely sign on anyone that isn’t blonde with European origins.

  26. the boy looks like he’s 20 he’ll be booking a lot of jobs !

    and that girl is just gorgeous! i’ve never seen an indonesian model! this could be the start of something new 😀

  27. “HEY EVERYONE, DNA is the best agency out there.. he is in good hands trust me”

    That’s such a ridiculous statement. Taylor from the mensboard ain’t going to be with him 24/7 .. Therefore it really doesn’t matter how good an agency is, they can’t protect their models ALL the time, especially when overseas. The only people that can properly protect the kids in this industry is the Parents. I just hope his Mother is going to be accompanying him to EVERYTHING!

  28. that boy is so handsome and hes only 13!

    charlotte will make the modeling world a bigger place. shell be big!

  29. im making my statement clear.

    that boy is too young.

    charlotte is simply stunning.

    naomi sims… huh thats really sad.

  30. Mitch: There’re LOADS, HUNDRENDS of potential-undiscovered models out there in their late teens/early 20’s, without having to resource to a 13 YEAR OLD KID!, regardless of agencies and their professional panache’.
    Charlotte: Gorgeous girl.
    R.I.P beautiful Naomi

  31. I don’t think DNA is trying to hide anything…I’m glad they published his age. I doubt there was some investigative journalist from trying to blow the lid off something.

  32. ysenia

    Charlotte is gorgeous, no doubt. But it’s not up to her, to make it big…

    It’s up to the designer, photographers who are the bigwigs that dictate what’s “in’ fashion.

    take a look at the current it girls…anna J, Sigrid et al.

    if you don’t look like them, you won’t really be Big.

    Sad, but true.

  33. this is unrelated , but did you guys know that:

    smallville actress/model Kristine Kreuk….popular singer Michelle Branch and Legendary Eddie Van Halen…are half Indonesians?

    it’s about time for an Indonesian Supermodel, we demand!!!

  34. this is a quote from noot seear when she was being interviewed about the movie twilight

    “. It was very confusing, being so young and being thrown into that adult world. I hung out with a lot of older people, and I grew up quickly. I was kind of raised by fashion. And some of that teenage stuff, I just missed out on it. But, you know, like all 14-year-olds, I had a few secret crushes on people who probably didn’t know I existed.”

  35. ^^^ Dewi Dreigen is from Netherlands..
    Charlotte actually looks like she’s from indonesia..

    charlotte’s exotic!

  36. Dewi is a quarter Indonesian, I think it is her grandma who is Indonesian. That’s why her name is Dewi, which is a very common Indonesian name, mean goddess..So proud to be Indonesian and looking through models who has Indonesian blood. Support Charlotte!

  37. omggggggg!!!!!!!! he is without a doubt the sexiests kid i have ever seen. he will deffinatly be getting alllll!! of the ladies in his junior high. go yankees

  38. That girl is the next huge supermodel.
    she should be victoria secret model first asian girl!
    nd that boy is soo young yet so mature looking.

  39. Being thrown head-first into this industry shouldn’t be forced onto a kid who is all of 13. I am male, and started modeling at 14 and was in rehab within 2 years. Is that right? Probably not. I made bad decisions, but it didn’t help when my agents, bookers and other models were throwing coke and heroin at me. My parents pulled me out of the industry immediately (as they love me).

    At 13, you just plain don’t have the intuition and mental and emotional development to maintain your sense of “self” in the industry. I would like to know how his parents reasoned that this would be good for him. Hopefully they are able to maintain parental control over his well-being while he grows up overnight.

  40. i think i saw her in a huge rock and republic campaign ad if that’s her.
    if that’s her she has one sexy body! she looks amazing

  41. HAHAHH

    Dang Im only 15 ..

    That Mitch Kid is LUCKY.
    Sure hes 13,But Arent You People being overreactive.
    Let the boy Make his Own Decision.

    If Kate Moss COuld Do it So COuld He,
    As Long As He Has A good Conscience Unlike Her Then he’ll DO amazing In The future.

  42. OMG, i think charlotte is in the rock and republic new fall campaign.. if that’s her she’s looks amazing and her body is perfect!

    indonesian supermodel here she comes!

  43. she’s like a combination of Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, Charo, Natasha Poly and Chanel Iman!

    so beautiful.

    that boy .. wow so goodlooking!

  44. My son is 14 and has several people interested in him, however I told him that he can’t do it until after high school.

    I don’t want to subject him to more than he is emotionally ready to handle, high school should definitely prepare him for the real world.

    Besides, it seems like the men in the industry who do the best are in their 20’s so what’s the rush?

    I say, WAIT!! He’ll still be beautiful at 18 & able to handle the pressure.

  45. do you know tracy trinita? don’t forget her…she made huge in newyork in 90’s, and she is INDONESIAN!!!!

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