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Kate Moss landing the cover of British Vogue’s September issue is nothing new really – Kate is the stuff British Vogues are made of. The resilient supermodel has had at least one Brit Vogue cover a year since 1993. That means that when August covergirl Sasha Pivovarova was in her diapers, Kate was already on the cover. Before most Models of the Week or Ones 2 Watch members were even born – Kate Moss was racking up Vogue covers and as one of the most iconic faces in fashion she is sure to continue this pattern. Shot by Mario Testino in black liner and a statement necklace, Kate looks as great as ever on this September’s cover.

Kate Moss by Mario Testino | Image Credit – OhJane @ tFS

  1. Kate as beautiful as ever. Timeless beauty, past compare…..in India we have Bipasha Basu….

  2. I agree. Gisele is a great money girl, but iconic as Kate?
    Never. Kate has been around for nearly 20 years (the only model who survived the changes of times. She survived the end of heroin chic, the tanned bombshell wave of the 2000s and now the russian doll moment.) , she’s a trendsetter (Gisele is not, frankly), copied by many, she’s a survivor (how many models would go through so many scandals and come back so strong?) and at age 35, she keeps stealing jobs from girls much younger. Which means, she survived the end of heroin chic, the tanned bombshell wave of the 2000s and
    And, unlikely Christy or Eva, she never took long breaks from modelling. So, Kate totally deserves that no. 1 icon title.

  3. Sorry, I ended up saying the same thing twice, but, you really can’t edit your comments here, can you? 😉

  4. the eyes make up s not even..didnt thay have enoght time to do it or even to retoch it? lol

  5. i think it’s great that “British” isn’t inside the O. the pound price is a giveaway and all vogues should do the same (if they aren’t already doing it)

  6. She never fails to blow me away with her sense of calmness and sheer beauty… I don’t think there are too many models out there that can look so gorgeous with natural make-up or over-the-top editorial make-up… LOVE YA, KATE!!! and thanks British Vogue (maybe the font of the headlines can be a little smaller)

  7. Kate Moss is a brand in fashion. No one can compare so don’t compare with Gisele, Christy or Naomi. She doesn’t look wow in this cover, a bit tired, maybe the make up

  8. “She is so much more iconic than Gisele. Kate deserves to be number 1 again.”

    It’s all one’s subjective opinion. Gisele’s clean lifestyle will never make her as popular in some circles but as far as I’m concerned, Gisele is much more iconic.

    Kate on the cover of British Vogue is nothing new and it will never be new.

  9. Linda Evangelista at 44 is soo much Fresher and Fabulous than Kate Moss…..

    Kate needs a deep sleep…..

    let’s not enable Kate anymore….

  10. YAWN indeed. To be blonde and white and just look like you’re stoned for every photo…must be nice and easy.

  11. gisele is soooo boring!!!
    she doesn’t even come close to kate as an icon!
    never understood why she is considered above kate on this site….!!!!!!

  12. ania, the models.com rankings on this site have more to do with current campaigns, editorials and covers. Otherwise, models like Linda, Twiggy and Verushka would be at the top.

  13. Does Kate Moss have a lazy eye or does she always look so vacant? Here, it seems like she is looking in 2 different directions, and the fact that her mouth is slightly open makes her look like she’s dazed & confused.
    I’ve never paid too much attention to her so I truly don’t know.

  14. yeah kim, i know that…current…!!
    do you know by how many ‘current’ covers, campaigns and editorials gisele is beating kate? just curious…
    i just always see kate everywhere, much more than gisele

  15. Sorry ania, I don’t know but I’m confident that MDC does its research and didn’t move Gisele to the top spot by accident.

  16. uhm i disagree alot, the heroine chic look is still going on and on, i think will now never end, and kate moss is the starter of the heroin chic age, also gisele started her own look with the braziaian bombshells, basically represent the “sexier” more relatble models of 2day, all kate moss did was turned the supermodel era to decline and thats wat shes famous for; but yes i do agree she’s amazing for having so many uk vogue covers but wat about naomi campbell british vogue rarely puts her on the cover?? shes been big since her debute covers y isnt she ever represented?? its not fair, she been jus as long in fact longer and even is more sexier young looking than kate i believe GISELE IS MUCH BETTER THAN KATE PERIOD

  17. Again!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. I Love Kate, but im tired of her “Blasé” face. Can you smile a little bit?

  18. Kate M. is cool … but Gisele B. is undoubtedly the icon of the modeling of the century (to a newspaper that spoke English). While Kate is looking to leave drunk and shows panties for photographers, Gisele pro photographer in the humanitarian causes and Gisele is an example of health in the fashion … Kate has already inspired the beginners to anorexia …

  19. ^^^^^

    I mean, damn, if I’m working around Naomi,and she’s talking on her cellphone and in a bad moood I will be scanning the exits of the room, myself.

  20. Kate should be no.1 again. She was the face of her generation and she’s still around, stronger than ever.
    She transcended fashion stardom. Her great personal style is copied by many girls, including celebrities (Cameron Diaz, for instance, took a picture of Kate to the hairstylist to copy Kate’s haircut. And how many times did you hear the expression: the next Kate Moss?), she’s a muse to reputable artists like Lucian Freud, Gary Hume, Chuck Close, Julian Opie and Marc Quinn (he did the biggest gold statue since the Ancient Egypt, using Kate as subject), she did marvelous videoclips, like I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself (by the White Stripes), Kowalski (by the Primal Scream), Delia’s Gone/God’s Gonna Cut You Down (by Johnny Cash) and Sex With Strangers (by Marianne Faithful). She sang with Primal Scream (Diamond Blues and Some Velvet Morning) and she did a single with Lemonheads. 2005? It’s past. Kate is a phoenix.
    Her influence in the pop culture is much bigger than Gisele will ever be. If you’re not a fashion insider, hell, go to Wikipedia. It’s not rocket science or very hard to understand the lasting impact of Kate’s figure.

  21. Harcore pAAArtying lifestyle, threeways with celebs. Bedhopping, Rockstar groupies…….

    the stuff only a 14 yr old girl from Iowa, Russia or Brazil can aspire for….

    and Gisele is Boring, right?

    how can she ever compete with Kate?

  22. Maggie, Wikipedia is as good as the person writing it. I put as much faith in Wikipedia as I do your post. The opinion you’ve written is your own. Kate Moss is an icon in certain areas of the world but Gisele is bigger elsewhere. In Latin America for example

  23. Of course, K-Risma. She’s from Brazil, it makes some sense that she’s “bigger” in Latin America. Although, Brazil and hispanic America are two worlds apart.
    Well, the opinion may be mine, but the facts are true. The gold statue exists, the paintings exist (the one by Lucian Freud was auctioned, I think), the videoclips exist, the songs exist, no one invented these things. I think that someone so present in pop culture, in areas that go much beyond fashion, like music and art, certainly deserves the no.1 spot.
    As well as the “next Kate Moss” thing. How many Kates Mosses we had? Agyness, Alice Dellal, Lily Donaldson, and so on. So, I think dismissing the facts is not the best solution. lol
    It’s not a Kate vs Gisele deathmatch (rofl), I was just expressing my opinion. I talked about Kate, I mentioned Gisele once, if I can recall. I don’t care enough about her to write a post about the subject. lol.

  24. I love Kate Moss, she is so magnetic. The cover is wonderful.
    Btw, It is a fashion magazine..it’s going to have abnormal fontage on the cover…get the hell over it. She looks damn sexy regardless.

    @ GP, I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say, but it seems as if you were putting Kate Moss way above the likes of bonafied mega-watt icons.

    I have to tell you, outside the world of die hard fashion faithfulls, Kate Moss is not as relevant to the public conscience as Linda, Naomi, Gisele and the like.

    @ Marianne, Naomi has been here for over 23 years and consistantly enough. She has well survived the changes of times, well beyond her counterparts. You can’t manufacture or duplicate that breed of tenacity.

  25. I’m getting bored of Kate being on the cover year in year out. I’m starting to see why Naomi made a stink about not getting a cover. She is also a British model and has ony been on 8 covers, non this decade. I wonder what is going on here? This might also explain why no models are supermodels anymore, well if they use other models beside Kate, then the problem is solved.

  26. Sorry fashionista, after reading your comments and seeing Linda’s work in Italian Vogue and the upcoming W – she is the queen of them all. Keep this point in mind when Gisele and Kate are 44 years old. LOL!xxx

  27. Kate IS the definition of what a model should embody. her face is classic timeless… she has made a brand of herself and no model ever living including any of the supers has done wat that women has done… still gettin countless campaings, editorials and covers, in addition to all of her side ventures.. she deserves at least one british vogue cover a year in my opinion….

  28. What I Dont Understand IS Why people Say Kate Moss is ICONIC.
    To me she looks Like a Common Face Found From England.
    She Bore’s me, at age 35 You Would Think She Would Have Done Something Different And Exciting In her Photo Shoots.
    The Only Time She Looked good was When she began

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