McQueen’s Acid Trip

When we think of David Sims we think of stark black and white portraits, an avant garde take on minimalism, a thousand American Vogue studio stories featuring Raquel Zimmermann and countless other familiar Sims favorites. Not one to rest on his laurels, Sims goes off in a wildly psychedelic direction for Alexander McQueen‘s campaign film featuring Suvi Koponen. Where the campaign was all about pop colors and those exquisite fall looks – complete with iconic visor shades – the video plays out like a kinetic video game. With all the flashing lights and mind bending moments it is a little hard to take in the clothes, but Sims certainly knows how to get your attention.

  1. I am so loving Suvi 2.0. She has built a great campaign season, and without Calvin Klein. We’ll be seeing her for sure when the rankings are updated; which I think needs come sooner, than later. (THE END OF AUGUST……REALLY??) There are SO many girls who immediately need to be ranked reflectively. (current impact) I can’t wait!!!!

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