Surf’s Up

Josh Olins  takes the whole crew to the beach, for a sleek take on the surf look starring Scott Barnhill, Kacey Carrig, Christopher Wetmore, Jesse Shannon, Justin Barnhill, Jonathan Marquez & Miles McMillan. Styled to perfection by Clare Richardson and featuring sleek pieces by Givenchy, Prada and Dior Homme, the story creates a boys club atmosphere complete with beach house camaraderie. Be sure to check out the piece in full when VMan’s Sports Issue hits newsstands August 23rd.

All photos courtesy of V Man

  1. The is atrocious! Yes the photography is nice but this makes no sense! Throwing in a few surfboards? Really!

  2. I am blown away!!! This is one of the most fabulous men’s editorials in a looooooooooooooooooooooong time OMG! So cool, so edgy. I love the styling, the style of photos, the number of shots and Miles is just excellent, way to go VMan!

  3. i ve been surfing and earning money as a model for 20 years! and i agree with Nate.
    Going surfing in 20 min. greetings from peru. Seb Aramburu.

  4. Josh Olins is good with groups, and can make clothes look great. But to me this is like they’re trying to do a panos yiapanis and alasdair mclellan shoot. VMAN can go either way for me, sometimes great, but often bordering on commercial of the worst kind. I guess it does have it’s place on the magazine store shelf though

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