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Australia is known for its natural beauty, whether it’s the innate prettiness of the landscape or the jaw-dropping good looks of models like Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee Kershaw. It’s fitting then that Greg Kadel takes the willowy beauties back to nature for Vogue Australia‘s September issue. Kadel’s expressive photographs serve to highlight all that is appealing about each locale as well as just what makes Catherine and Abbey the best beach babes in the business. As pitch perfect as the frilly clothes and picturesque settings look, it’s the chemistry between Catherine and Abbey that really makes this story stand out.

  1. this looks surprisingly good! I’m actually looking forward to the September issue of Vogue Australia

  2. Everywhere I go I see Catherine McNeil’s nipples.

    The pictures are gorgeous tho..and also, that specific nipple ring seems to be really popular among the models. Freja, Catherine, Abbey, and Lara!

  3. this is the part I hate about modeling… the naked part… modeling is about modeling CLOTHES NOT your body!!!

  4. Eventhough I hate pierced nipples for women, the 1st pic has been taken in PARADISE, Where Else?! these 2 are extremely beautiful creatures with a preference for Cath McNeil!

    I am really not a fan of Abbey Lee who is mono-expressive even if I am sure in real must be a sweetheart and an extremely beautiful girl it doesn’t work for me on pictures only with her profiles!

  5. I love it so much.Hope more works like this to be seen in fashion photography.Btw those 2 models are my favourite.

  6. Ughh, I respectfully disagree. I think that its all about conveying a mood and expressing something with the body. When nudity fits the story thematically it can add to things. I think that the sensuality of that shot conveys something interesting and adds to the overarching editorial. There is already this very soft and subtle sapphic vibe to the story and that shot sort of hammers the point home. As long as its not gratuitous I see no problem.

  7. Nudity when done in a very good taste, with very professional Top models, Top photographers can be a very powerful medium of sensual Art.

  8. Kudos to Naomi Smith, Australian Vogue Fashion Director who styled this shoot. She’s turned that magazine around and is Australia’s No.1 Stylist. No doubt.

  9. Both girls are stunning, but when you put Catherine McNeil next to anyone, they get dwarfed by her monumental beauty.


  10. The photographer seemed to have not been sure how he wanted to go..maybe the director wanted variety of approaches. Nonetheless each image manages to fit the overall sensibility of breezy open air outback theme. One shot has a film quality to it with the over exposure and color yellow creating a flare ( Prellei Calendar shoot from the 60’s) while another is perfectly exposure and all about color and texture. The nudity in the black was necessary to keep the breezy open air feeling yet promote youth. But the cropping brings too much attention to the nipple.

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