To Be Real

One of the most captivating campaigns to debut this season belongs to Lanvin. Instead of relying on the appeal of a fresh face or Hollywood it-girl, the brand chose a series of real women from ages 18 to 80 and created images unlike anything else you’re going to see this season. From the first Steven Meisel shot of an unsmiling sophisticate clad in designs from the Alber Elbaz‘s anniversary collection, to the striking shot of a lavender haired beauty surrounded by accessories, each image captures an appealing new mood. Elbaz told WWD that he was “interested to bring these clothes back to the street somehow, and seeing how they look on different ages, different sizes. It felt like a crazy family, and I like that.”

Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock and Stella Rose St. Clair and Rachel Trachtenburg by Steven Meisel for Lanvin

  1. I approve of this advertisement I gets your attention! That’s really all that matters because people who buy the clothes don’t really don’t know models so why not use real every day women and I enjoy it! That first picture really caught my attention! The second and third pictures the girls could honestly pass as models, bravo

  2. sooner models are out of jobs:)
    with these clothes, styling and photograph, everyone can look great in Lavin ad. When is my turn? I love it.

  3. real.. photoshop for sure.. but it is what any model goes trough so why not to just use regular people and retouch em .. must be cheaper

  4. Someday someone will have to explain me what “real” exactly means… as if models you usually see in fashion magazines or campaigns aren’t real girls / women with a real body who live a real life…

  5. ^lol. I love you because you speak the truth. It’s like people associate fantasy with fashion so much they forget that there are actual people involved. I was kinda disappointed that they photoshopped most of the wrinkles out of Jackie’s face, but I am in love with her. There is no model that comes to mind who can give that kind of aristocratic nonchalance. You would feel they were posing, while here you feel like she is being her badass self. I don’t get the reality star dig because the last time I checked, actors still act. I want jackie to be my patronus.

  6. @is this it models review – i think trumancapote reffered regular people who are not professional models. nobody likes a smartass. your comment is stupid.
    like the campaign tho. especially the 3rd pic.

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