Camp Classic

Sometimes a little laugh is all you need. Hanne Gaby Odiele turns on the charm for A Magazine‘s Proenza Schouler special. Hanne’s boundless energy and the unapologetically kitschy retro styling courtesy of Vanessa Reid make the story high on fun and Max Farago‘s campy pictures instantly bring to mind the swinging sixties and their campier moments.


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  1. because of the hair and the masculine look she reminds me with her facial expression on leonardo dicaprio from the aviator, though she is not masculine at all!

    great pics showing her capability to diversity.

  2. Wow I had no idea Hanne could pull off something like this. Her expressions in these photos are magnificent and full of great energy.

  3. She could play anything & brings anybody in the universe she has been asked for – Hanne Gaby is an incredible girl, full of surprises – Go on, Hanne Gaby! Made in Belgium.

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