Close Shave

Katja Rahlwes (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) delivers a beautifully bold take on femininity for 25 Magazine, with a colorful story starring Arizona Muse. Exploring the glossy chic of high maintenance glamour, with a tongue in cheek perspective, Rawles showcases both the final look and the prep that goes into it, from shaving legs to sipping Coke while putting on megawatt jewels.

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  1. I’m sorry. I love Arizona, but these images are the worst. its not her, its just the pictures. And they are not soo carine roitfeld vogue paris era. thats was a golden era and this is nothing like it

  2. I love the pic of Arizona standing akimbo. Is the best I’ve ever seen and the most confident I think she’s ever looked. It’s as if she saying “I’m Arizona don’t fuck with me”.

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