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The ads keep on coming, check out a few more of our faves from the season – take a look back at our previous campaign favorites post too.


While we can’t imagine either Nicolas Ghesquière or Steven Meisel spending a lazy weekend at the shore, the Balenciaga campaign is set in such an idyll. Fresh faces Anniek KortleveLinn ArvidssonHirschy HirschfelderJulier BuggeJuliet Ingleby and Rosie Tapner lay out on the dunes in those eccentric looks from F/W.


Simple, clean and led by a stellar cast, Chanel’s fresh ads feature Kati Nescher, Lindsey Wixson & Cora Emmanuel as styled by Carine Roitfeld. Naturally, Karl Lagerfeld is behind the camera – which depending on your perspective you either love or hate, that said the casting on this is flaw free.

Dolce & Gabbana

A taste of Italian nostalgia shot by Giampaolo Sgura and featuring Monica Bellucci, Bianca Balti and Bianca Brandolini – each image feels like a still from a Pasolini film.


Valentino once again gives us a vision of pure class from the iconic Deborah Turbeville. Elegantly color coordinated looks on Jac JagaciakCaroline Brasch Nielsen and Frida Gustavsson – what’s not to love?


When you have Joan Smalls and Karl Lagerfeld you don’t really need much else. With the natural setting and powerful poses, this new ads remind us a bit of Anja Rubik‘s S/S 10 ads for the luxe line. 

  1. All of these suck.

    Chanel is an absolute disaster. Please bring back Daria, Heidi, and Freja.

  2. I’m really impressed by the campigns this year. It’s nice to see new intresting girls at Balenciaga. So glad Chanel is using Lindsey and Cora. Fendi using a Joan this is the first time i’ve seen someone of color in Fendi and again in Chanel with Cora. Also Dolce how couldn’t it get more italian than this its prefect I love the use of real italian people and models. Valentino is simliar to past years but I like that Caroline is back. Overall I love the diversity of the campigns

  3. i cried when i saw the chanel ad. joan smalls fendi, vive libre, vive mode!!! finally someone who have the vibe that the supermodels had. she is so kind, lovely.and she deserve n.1 position! i think its time lara switch to icons and joan to be where she truly deserves.

  4. I don’t know. The ads this year are,……………………………………………..

    What’s going on with Joan though? From Gucci to Chanel to Fendi.
    Did she ever have contract with Gucci? Gucci and Joan were MAGIC.

    I like the Valentino ads, similar to other years but it still does the job. Caro, Jac, and Frida are besties so they must have beem excited to work together.

    I’m just waiting on the Gucci ads! I keep scouting the internet for a possible leak but they’re not anywhere. I guess I’ll until a September Issue to see them.

  5. So many newbies this season!! Love Joan for Fendi. (not the campaign necessarily) The girls is growing leaps and bounds as a model. I haven’t been gagging over any of the new ads. I do however love, love ,LOVE Dior Homme with Daisuke.Still waiting for Dior?, Jil Sander, Lanvin, ODLR, Cavalli, and Donna Karan. Abbey Lee is rumoured for YSL.

  6. Chanel looks bad 🙁
    This look likes a ed more than a ad and i miss freje at chanel.
    All of the ad , i only loves Balenciaga.It is unique and the girls look stunning 🙂

  7. this season is such a disaster ! all them models in them ugly clothes ! haven’t see supermodel at all as I hope

  8. Chanel is GOD awful.

    Joan for FENDI is amazing. This girl really is the new definition of a Supermodel. Is there anything she can’t do?! I think we should have a new #1 at MDC.

    Happy to see Jac and Frida for Valentino, though kind of bland.

  9. Chanel should’ve kept Joan.
    Her FENDI shot could’ve been better, but then again Karl Lagerfeld is an awful photographer.

    I also agree with Robert that Joan should be in the GUCCi campaign again!

  10. I wish MDC would just give Joan the rank that she deserves, #1! It’s time for Lara to move over to the icons along with Natasha Poly. Anja Rubik could go along with them or moved to the just the money girls list.

    Joan for Gucci was magic indeed and I hope Frida gives her the chance to return to the house. She also proved that she is a Chanel girl and now a Fendi girl. I’m quite loving that Karl hs taken to her and when Givenchy has moved on from MCB, I hope that she becomes the staple there as well.

    So MDC, with Joan having the most eds so far for the year, most used girl by Meisel, support from M&M, Karl, the Vogues, major campaigns etc… what’s stopping you guys from increasing her rank to #1?? I don’t see her star dimming anytime soon so please PLEASE just make it happen!

  11. I hear joan is supposed to star in the next Gucci campaign. Your wishes are probably coming true. Fingers crossed. There was talk about it this morning on TFS.

  12. None of these campaigns do it for me…but i think joans is beautiful. Joan should have an OG for gucci.

    I dont hear much about Jac anymore. What’s happened to her? Good for her on Valentino.

  13. So happy for Linn and Anniek – and they just look great (even if I would have probably inverted the outfits).
    PS btw, just for the record, I quite like the Dolce & Gabbana campaign, and the way it follows what was done last season. But… talking about Bianca… well, I somehow feel like there’s one too many in those shots…

  14. I think you guys have hit the mark with Joan. She shines when she’s under the quintisential Mert and Marcus aesthetic. She’s a sexy, glam girl and she hasn’t quite developed the range to do other stuff. I can’t get into her, and I think all the fan-girling is clouding people’s judgement. All of these campaigns are basic. I’m waiting for Lanvin tbh. The preview with that badass aristocratic lady have left me intruged

  15. Finally, BALENCIAGA is doing something right…
    Valentino – beautiful and poetic…
    Dolce & Gabbana – really love the mood & story!
    Chanel & Fendi are as usual ~ predictably BORING!

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