The Heimlich Maneuver

There has always been something a little dangerous about Erin Wasson and the modeling icon’s icy glare is put to good use in this new video from Vs. Magazine, The Heimlich Maneuver. Directed by Jenna Elizabeth, with exquisite pieces selected by Vs. Fashion Director, Vibe Dabelsteen, the clip showcases Wasson at her fiercest, facing down worthy adversary Lydia Carron and tearing into a porterhouse steak all in the name of fashion. Clad in Givenchy finery and looking deadlier than ever, Erin never loses her femme fatale touch – even when performing the titular act of mercy.

A VS Magazine video starring Erin Wasson and Lydia Carron
Directed by Jenna Elizabeth

  1. Beautiful dreamy film!

    Reminds that life is a wonderful experience as it brings us in touch with the beauty of the world around us…

    A true strong and beautiful spirit captured on this film. Thank you for that.