Baby Bardot

Fragrance commercials are always attempting to tap into our nostalgia for classic cinema, and Dior‘s newest fragrance spot is no exception. Shot by Jonas Akerlund and starring the delightful Daphne Groeneveld, the short riffs on Roger Vadim’s And God Created Women, with a cheeky twist. Where Bardot was unstoppably sensual, Daphne is absolutely adorable, providing the right mix of sweetness and glamour to bring the girly world of Dior beauty to life.

  1. I love this..

    but its quite disturbing the fact that Dafne was doing such sexy modeling. She is only 16 years old, she should be booking jobs that are age appropriate.

    I would not like to be her Father right now.

  2. This is prefect for Daphne it’s youthful, it’s a prefect fit. She looks amazing it’s interesting to see these young models grow I remember her in the Miu Miu Ad with Siri,Ginta and Lindsey and I was like who is that?

  3. Sorry, but Dior still has yet to make a successful video that captures my attention like Maryna’s Miss Dior Cherie

  4. I’m one of may bloggers who love the video because the GIFs we make are flawless with her :3

    My only problem is when she pulls up her skirt? We see her cheeks,……… I wasn’t too for that.

  5. She’s definitely gorgeous, but I see nothing iconic or even particularly charismatic in her on-screen presence.

  6. Daphne is 17, almost 18, but she was 16 when she filmed this. I think the commercial and campaign are a great representation of just how versatile she really is. I didn’t really see anything inappropriate about it. There are girls younger than her doing things that are much worse.

  7. Daphne is 17, she turns 18 in december – i can’t believe this girl has accomplished everything she has, what 17 year can say that? she’s in top 50 of the world, imagine her at 21. Bravo Daphne, bravo.

  8. Couldn’t agree more, Hunter. Though being in the top 50 is big, Daphne is in the top 10! Not many seventeen year olds can say that.

  9. I think the video is really good made. It looks all just
    easy playful.Thats it!
    Daphne looks amazing.I don’t think she looks too
    sexy for her age. That is very playful and natural,
    like in the 50ies !

  10. I’m in love with every single picture of this campaign! I can’t believe in what Daphne became, she’s amazing

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