Dual Action

There is a reason why Raquel Zimmermann has held onto the number one slot for so long – she just delivers each and every time. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin shoot the masculine and feminine sides Raquel for Jean Paul Gaultier‘s fall campaign and both looks suit her Brazilian beauty to a tee. Versatility is the name of the game these days and Raquel consistently manages to bring that to whatever she does.

  1. i have been seeing a trend & likeness of titles here for the past few days. but maybe im just imagining things. if you havent already done so, fuxwithis.


  2. Raquel is the best choice for any designer these days and i hope she gets faaaar in the biz like Gisele did!

  3. Wow. So beautiful! Although I’m not sure why anyone would wear the boots in the first masculine shot.

  4. actually in my oponion i dont think she did dat well at all with masculine part of the femenine neither; its simply because shes raquel zimmerman, so overrated

  5. I think that Raquel Zimmerman is a better “ad” model than Gisele.

    Giz is a better runway model, but Rakqs is more versatile and more creative than Gisele.

    Zimmerman’s career is going the Linda Evangelista route. Although not the most popular as Gisele, she’s becoming the darling of the Fashion Designers.

    And like Evangelista, Zimmerman is producing the most beautiful ads of any modern Top models.

    Hardworking and very Professional, like Linda.


  6. I’m impressed!!! I thought she had a twin or a very look-alike brother like Toni Garrn… What an amazing and creative campaign… and it’s yet simple!

  7. she s AMAZING…i just wished more from the photogrpahers….but…again…no other girl like her around now

  8. Where is my COMMENT?? COmmunist f-ing Models.com

    This idea was stolen from Derek Blanks. He has been doing this for years.
    Yet another example of “high fashion” stealing its ideas from ethnic communities and passing it off as their own.

  9. Maybe its just because I’m a great big communist but this idea does not belong to anyone. Its been done by Lindbergh, Newton, Meisel, Bailey, Kadel, Mapplethorpe, so on so forth. As much as I like this campaign, women dressed in men’s clothing isn’t anything new or revolutionary so I really do not see where this is a case of stealing. If you want to take Inez and Vinoodh up for violation of intellectual property fine but be prepared to prove that no one ever in the history of all photography has used this concept before and given that even previous Gaultier advertising employed this theme its going to be a hard sell.

  10. After reading Foreals comment I decided to look up Derek Blanks. Gaultiers campaign would have been better if it was
    more intricate. Blanks has a model carrying herself; which makes these shots look simple. After looking at his work this campaign doesn’t seem that special.

  11. models have been jumping on the pages of Vogue for years, is that stealing too? who cares as long as they’re fabulous and not forgettable!

  12. Its kind of boring seeing the same girls over and over again in every add. DIversity!

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