Brand Creative : The Best F/W Campaigns So Far

Every top tier brand ushers out a new campaign each season, but only a select few push creative boundaries instead of just pushing product. With fall ads launching earlier than ever (remember the days of opening up September Vogue and experiencing new ads for the very first time) there are already several ads that impress us with their unique interpretation of their brand’s message. Take a look at our picks for most intriguing ads so far and be sure to share your selections in the comments!


The brand’s thrilling reboot continues with Jean Paul Goude breathing new life into the fall campaign imagery. Xiao Wen Ju & Simon Sabbah are connected in these cheeky reversible shots with a neon Kenzo logo flashing in the background. Goude’s image has instant visual impact and is a fun showcase for those cool Humberto Leon and Carol Lim designs.

Raf Simons
In case you had any doubt’s about Raf Simons’ ability to be subversive check out the striking new f/w ads by Pierre Debusschere starring Yannick Abrath. The impressive sculptural shots are a sight to behold, as is the corresponding campaign video that brings the imagery to life with beautifully abstract visuals.



The fuzzy-wuzzies from Where the Wild Things Are invade Tim Walker‘s fantastical ads for Mulberry. The ads otherworldly vibe is only heightened by the addition of fashion’s favorite pixie, Lindsey Wixson and Jane How‘s sleek styling.


All the things that made the show so memorable are served up with glossy perfection in Steven Meisel‘s ultra-luxe ads. Vanessa AxenteMagdalena FrackowiakMadison HeadrickElza LuijendijkIselin Steiro and Anne Vyalitsyna sport the dip-dyed extensions and gilded accessories with panache.

Louis Vuitton

Putting that one of a kind Louis Vuitton train to good use Steven Meisel shoots a cast of it girls for the brand’s fall ads.  Elena BartelsErjona AlaFranzi MuellerHedvig PalmJulia NobisMackenzie DrazanMagda LaguingeMarie PiovesanMarina HeidenRos Georgiou shine in those signature oversized hats.


It is hard to beat an ad with fashion by Carine Roitfeld, images by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and a fresh cast including Stella Tennant, Joan Smalls, Daniela Braga, Stef Van Der Laan, Rodrigo Braga, Simone Nobili and Jarrod Scott. Givenchy’s campaign is all about motion and movement, be sure to check out the behind the scenes video to see how those action shots came together.

  1. About GIVENCHY: Nunca entenderé porque los fotógrafos les hacen sufrir tanto a los modelos, estando tanto tiempo moviéndose y haciendo posturas y tonterías con el cuerpo sin sentido. A veces tienen que hacerse hasta daño, especialmente las chicas siempre mirando hacia arriba y retorciéndose el cuello. Para que al final en las revistas sólo aparezcan dos fotografías de nada, en las que no se ve todo ese trabajo. Realmente es necesario?.

  2. As a Givenchy fan, for me is the best campaign, but I miss two things: group shots and Mariacarla. In the video there is a guy with a pony tail, and nobody, and I mean NOBODY knows who is he, he was on the show, but he remains nameless!!

  3. Givenchy is a bad copy of Steven Klein COVER story for DUTCH magazine of many years ago…..please be creative!
    love LV….Steven Meisel is a PLUS always.

  4. I thought the same about the dutch cover. And they appear to have ripped off the dancing concept from Steven Meisel’s Lanvin campaign (a/w 2011). Not Like Mert and Marcus to steal concepts though. Except maybe when they shamelessly ripped off Jeff Bark. And maybe a dozen other shoots.

  5. Wow, love this new girl Daniela Braga in GIVENCHY! Who on earth is she and watch out Joan. She is stunning! Didn’t even realize how amazing she was until i did research. She is something MAJOR.

  6. Louis Vuitton used the suggestions proposed in the show, and I always like when maisons create a coherent show/campaign duo (and generally vision for the season). A lot of times campaigns are simply disconnected and somehow a (extemporaneous) world apart.
    That said… yep, Mulberry is certainly peculiar, in a positive way btw… 🙂

  7. The Givenchy ad is a great exmple of how advertising can make even the crappiest products look cool. I can’t say I’m surprised that Mert and Marcus stole the idea since they are noted plagiarists but its fashion advertising, not high art so it is acceptable. Kenzo wins this round though, with LV coming in second. I love how anonymous the girls in LV are. It showcases the merchandise perfectly. Mulberry is also great. Prada leave me cold, though.

  8. I love WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE with Lindsey Wixson..Lindsey really blends with fantasy them bcoz of her fresh, young, and dolly face…

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