1. Meisel is truly unstoppable…He is constantly creating iconic fashion images left and right. Work Meisel!

  2. WOW THIS is a campaign!!! Meisel is truly amazing,very nice picture and very good girls

  3. Steven Meisel is of course, untouchable. But the campaign is done by Dolce and Gabbana already. The only fresh thing about this are the unknown models.

  4. Love the concept, absolutely love Meisel. But I just look at the girls and I cringe. Nothing personal against them. They might very well be nice and full of talent. But I cringe because models of European ethnic origin and features (including many from Brasil)are more dominant this season. In my eyes, it’s not right.

  5. WOW!!! Blow my mind!!! Meisel can just turn anyone to stars by his work. Please photograh me:)

  6. this is dolce gabbana !!!!! before missoni and ferre the some campaign , now ferretti and dolce e gabbana !!!! mah ??????????

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