Oyster Appeal

The latest edition of Oyster Magazine is all about women power, from cover to cover the issue focuses on strong, dynamic women – models, artists, authors and actresses who bring something fresh to the table. Everyone from Sally Singer, Tavi Gevinson, GIRLS star Lena Dunham, Marisa Berenson and Emma Summerton is featured. On the fashion side, all the stories are shot, styled and art directed by girls, including a special portfolio by Cass Bird of the women who inspire her.

For more on the All Women Issue check out Oyster’s website.

Aurel Schmidt

Sally Singer

Shalom Harlow by Cass Bird, fashion by Stevie Dance

Bambi Northwood Blyth by  Cass Bird

Tasha Tilberg by Cass Bird

Erika Linder by Cass Bird

  1. Shalom is striking. The other girls look great but I keep going back to her pictures;

  2. This new girl Erika Linder. Love the androgyny and hottness of this girl. She is going to be big I reckon.

  3. Erika is stricking!!! She looks absolutely gorgeous as a girl and hot as a boy. Confusing though

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