Edit of the Week : A Simple Plan

A good story doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, sometimes the very best rely on tenants of simplicity. Willy Vanderperre (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) creates an elegant exploration of denim in the latest Vogue Japan with a little help from master stylist George Cortina. Taking one of the most commonplace (and often boring) materials and making editorially relevant is no small feat, but Cortina pulls it off masterfully. On the backs of Marte Mei van Haaster, Katryn Kruger & Victor Nylander the pieces come alive and pared down hair and makeup by Anthony Turner and Lucia Pica add the final bit of polish to a story that feels effortless.

  1. Why are these girls not on the Top 50????????? Top Tier campaigns, every important show and really amazing editorial. These two are here to stay, but not on the Top 50. Hmmmmmmmm. Oh and before I forget, BEAUTIFUL STORY!

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