Almost Perfect

There are a million things that are right about Iris Strubegger‘s Vogue Nippon cover – her captivating gaze, the lean silhouette created by her pose, that stunning satin dress, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin‘s photography – it all works perfectly. Of course, all these wonderful things would be all the more special if it wasn’t for the giant letter “U” blocking Iris’ face. Do you find the text distracting or does the cover work for you all the same? Even with the little bit of text one has to admit that this is an incredible way to kick off this years round of September covers.


  1. I don’t the U is distractive. You can see her face perfectly!
    I’m in love with her dress. Does anyone knows what is?

  2. love Iris but the “U” is covering her face hehe oh, vogue nippon ;p glad she got another vogue cover though :p

  3. Eh.. the U blocking her face is a shame and I also prefer her with white eyebrows. But regardless, it -is- a beautiful shot and I love Iris.

  4. The pose just looks forced and uncomfortable to me, the font-in-face is less of a problem.

    Still better than most of the covers this year, but I was really expecting someone/something different for the anniversary issue…

  5. i like iris pose here, its mature and very sexy. an interesting combination between the classic dress and the 90s punk hair.

  6. The ‘U’ is a major distraction, and they could have zoomed in or out to more effect, so that, for example, it just went under her jaw. I am a big fan of Vogue Nippon covers, and type on image, but I think that this particular juxtaposition isn’t successful. The photograph alone is gorgeous, the pastel tones elegant and lovely, like Iris herself.

  7. More I see her, more I love her, especially after the hair chop!!! The cover is so so but she rocks. She can do better.

  8. I don’t like the pose actually…it’s very shapeless and glamourless, which the dress just screams.

  9. yup, the u is so off putting, she looks like she’s sniffing it. otherwise, it’s sublime.

  10. I agree with Erik… I don’t find it very lean-looking (especially considering how easy making a lean person look lean can be)… What I don’t like most of all though is her hidden eye… I’d like to see it properly or not at all but that half-black eye/ black hole just looks nasty to me. Also I’m not too fond of the exposure and saturation balances.

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