Blockbuster Beauties

Actresses keep showing up in campaigns so it is about time that catwalkers took over the silver screen. Some of summer’s biggest films feature appearances by familiar fashion favorites – Erin Wasson, Brooklyn Decker, Lily Cole & Liberty Ross all show up in this summer’s mega-movies, but which will you actually watch? Click to vote on Facebook.

ERIN WASSON Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

The vampy Ms. Wasson plays what else, a vampire seductress in Timur Bekmambetov’s adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel. Judging from the red band trailer this is going to be an over the top gore-fest filled with special effects and historical inaccuracies. As a fashionable renaissance woman, Erin has done everything from styling to designing jewelry over the years, but this is her first real acting gig. Unless you count her cameo in Sofia Coppola’s film, Somewhere.

BROOKLYN DECKER – Battleship & What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Over the past year Brooklyn has successfully transformed herself from America’s favorite blonde modeling bombshell, into a promising actress. She shows up in two films this summer – Board game explosion-fest, Battleship and pregnancy ensemble comedy, What to Expect. Considering that we’ve already made our Channing Tatum based film selection for the year (Magic Mike, TYVM) we choose to watch Brooklyn’s talents in the latter movie.

LIBERTY ROSS & LILY COLE – Snow White & The Huntsman

Sure it is Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron‘s show, but the beautiful Liberty Ross and Lily Cole play pivotal roles in the upcoming, epic re-imagining of the fairy tale. Liberty plays the mother of the titular character, while Lily gets her soul extracted by the demonic-queen. Of all the non-Avengers popcorn flicks out this year this is probably the one we’re most excited for. Bonus bit of trivia – did you know the film was directed by Liberty’s hubby, the talented Rupert Sanders. Take a look at her behind the scenes diary of the process leading up to the films & behind the scenes of the premiere.

  1. I’ve seen the SWATH trailers a million times already and I never realised that was Lily Cole getting her youth and beauty sucked out of her body! Makes me even more excited to go see this movie!

  2. Is Brooklyn Decker even considered a real model? I know she got the SI cover a few years ago but other than that…

  3. Brooklyn Decker as “America’s Favorite Blonde Modeling Bombshell”?? I thought it’s Candice Swanepoel.

  4. Candice Swanepoel name is still not very well known by the americans, while brooklyn’s is a little bit more known! the movies help

  5. I agree with Sam. I’m rather stunned how under-looked Gemma’s acting’s getting received by this website. The Huffington Post has been great about taking notice to her and what’s been going on with her life.

    I’m also rather shocked with how the Fashion Magazines over the past couple years have had random issues/covers with models who made an impact on the model scene over the past ten years and Gemma’s not mentioned when she’s been the one with many of fashion’s firsts in her career which should highly always be remembered.

    Long live the Great Model Icon.

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