The Look of Hans Feurer

As fashion’s foremost purveyor of nomad chic, Hans Feurer‘s images are unmistakable. Though his body of work is diverse, the pictures that stand out most tend to feature a series of Feurer signatures; layered undone styling, exotic locations and bold tribal makeup. Look at his latest stories for Vogue Paris and Vogue Japan respectively and you’ll see all the trademarks of his aesthetic. VP’s Karmen Pedaru story goes for a harder edge, while his images of Constance Jablonski are all about highlighting her refined beauty, but both stories hinge on variations of the same idea. Take a glimpse back at Feurer’s work over the years and see how he developed the style he’s now known for.

2012 – Karmen Pedaru for Vogue Paris

2012 – Constance Jablonski for Vogue Japan

2011 – Jourdan Dunn for Vogue Paris

2011 – Natasha Poly for Vogue Paris

2010 – Tony Ward for GQ Style Germany

2008 – Erin Heatherton for Muse Magazine

2008 – Scott Barnhill

2007 Jessica Miller for Self Service no. 27

2001 – Erin Wasson for Vogue Paris

1991 – Beverly Peele for Elle France

1983 – American Vogue

1983 – Kenzo

  1. I also used to shoot with a 600mm lens in the 80’s. Many of us did. Hans was the premier user of this lens but it was very popular. He also went through a time when the look was “dated” and more and more photographers were shooting 2 1/4 format. Almost everything comes back around again.
    However, that said much of the look of his work isn’t just about the camera and lens it’s the styling and hair and make-up as well and the energy of the models.

  2. Wow, there are photographers that still keep film resemblance in their photos… I can still see pours in the skin. Thank you for still keeping it true! Continued success!


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