Editorial Inspiration: Rene Gruau

As one of the foremost fashion illustrators of all time, RenĂ© Gruau made a lasting impact on the fashion industry. His work for designers like Christian Dior, Jacques Fath, Balenciaga, Elsa Schiaparelli, Pierre Balmain and Hubert de Givenchy, elevated their legendary designs into the realm of art and helped to change the way women dressed. Dazed & Confused pays tribute to Gruau’s style with a futuristic story by Daniel Jackson, styled by Karen Langley. With eye-catching black and white makeup by Yadim mimicking Gruau’s bold brushstrokes on the faces of Ava Smith, Codie Young &Madison Headrick, the edit is a modernized look at the master’s signature style.

This editorial also marks Yadim’s very first as the new International Makeup Designer for Dior, Naturally he was inspired by Gruau’s drawings for the house and he developed the concept based on those images.





  1. this is great! but sooooo many boobs… newsflash: showing some breast doesn’t make you edgy

  2. This is freakin fantastic! Dazed is really the best with content lately. And this issue seems like a must have. Such a unique concept. Havent really seen anything like it. Im impressed.

  3. Newsflash….women have boobs. The focus was the face, hence, no clothing. This is quite cutting edge in a digital sense, though, with the seamless “mask” effect. I think casting well-known models was a slight waste since you can’t really recognize them without being told who they are. But the compostion and content are exceptional.

  4. I agree with Timmy. This is amazing. And the rawness and nakedness of th girls makes it all the more impactful.

  5. Well, great idea, how to make sth new with what has been done so many times. But I have to agree with Dom; little bit too much boobs. it makes it a bit cheaper, not edgy.

  6. I understand the excess amount of “boobs.” I’m a huge fan of Gruau (I have 2 vintage posters, 1 print, and a book) and these images for Dazed are right on target! Kudos to Daniel, Yadim and the rest of the team!

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