1. not saying these aren’t nice, i have just seen this recently, for a campaign by ryan mcginley?

  2. Yea I guess they both used butterlies, but roe ethridge did too before ryan. This is a lot weirder than the Edun imagery, kind of alien. Had the Edun shoot used Peter Phillips it could have actually been really great.
    Dazed doesn’t always do it for me, but this shoot has something new for sure

  3. funny you people all saying these photographers did this butterfly thing before. A fashion shoot is a collaboration, not just the photog. Funnily enough, the Dazed art director also art directed the Edun campaign, and if i’m not incorrect that Ethridge shoot you’re referring to was also in Dazed. Not sayin it was all the AD’s idea, but an art director can often influence many areas of a shoot. They usually have a house-style which they can apply across the board.
    And if your talking about sticking things to models faces, you can only really enlist the help of Peter Phillips.
    But that’s just my 2 cents for y’all.

  4. The pics are visually captivating, but I can’t help but get a creepy “Silence of the Lambs” vibe from a few of them.

  5. Cant believe nobody commented on Elza..Quite impressive for a new girl to shine through all of this. Stunning stare…

  6. Im not quite fond of the styling and editing, very soft and no coordinations…lots of things are missing from this “collaboration”




  7. ok so as far as butterflies go, and I’m quite fond of butterflies in a shoot, this is outstanding, quirky, strong,and a little dark in some… I just love it.

  8. These Butterfly and Bejeweled Beautys are a
    creative effort and success with no equal that
    I know of.Stunning!

  9. Great Idea, a bit too much wanna be like Alexander Mc queen…. but it still looks great styling wise, great casting, ….Photography not so much , nothing special …. like so very often these days with Young and up and coming overhyped Photographers…. its a shame really that the Fashion Community can not distinguish who really is behind an image and who really earns these lorries if a pic works…

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