Edit of the Week: Paper Plates

How about a bit of full force creativity? Take a look at Shona Heath incredible sets in this unforgettable story for British Vogue. Shot by Tim Gutt and featuring an expressive turn from Lara Mullen, the story was inspired by Wedgewood China, the upcoming London Olympics and the season’s fixation with pretty pastels. From that source material comes a story that is inventive, abstract and right in line with the kind of unorthodox editorials Brit Vogue publishes every so often. Fashion editor Charlotte Pilcher‘s selection of on trend pieces adds to the fun with a mix of muted designs that looks great against the pink & purple backdrops. Easily our favorite new story of the week.


  1. Honestly, I would give the aesthetic credit to Shona Heath, set designer tbh. She’s worked with Walker too.
    Gutt and Walker are both extremely talented, but I think Shona’s set is what gives this story its character.

  2. stunning! all the movement and the textures on those pictures are amazing! even being all composed by pastel shades the colors are interesting and harmonic without being boring

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