Better Than Brad? : 5 Chanel Campaign Alternatives

Obvious fake ad is obviously fake 

Like everyone else on earth when we heard the news that Hollywood star Brad Pitt was going to be fronting the latest Chanel No. 5 campaign we were surprised. While we like Pitt well enough, we’d rather see him headlining a blockbuster than waxing poetic about fragrance. Unless of course he’s wearing the Chanel No. 5 scent himself – that we’d like to hear about. Celebrities have a long history with Chanel No. 5, with everyone from Catherine Deneuve, Carole Bouquet and Nicole Kidman fronting the campaign, but we’re of the mindset that no one does it better than a model.

Granted, we understand that a having a mega-popular superstar in an ad will probably get a brand more attention than they know what to do with and all publicity is good publicity, but we can’t help but ponder which models would have been just as good when it comes to posing. Here are 5 Karl approved alternative who could fill Brad’s shoes – just in case they decide to go in another direction next time…


Wouldn’t it be nice to see Karl’s favorite blonde Brad snatch up a high profile campaign like Chanel No. 5? It could be cute – imagine little Hudson sneaking into every picture!


Think of the accompanying campaign music video complete with Katy Perry cameo! Think of the general online outrage it would spark! Think of the gifs!

THE GIRLSSaskia de Brauw, Jac JagaciakCoco RochaFreja Beha ErichsenHeidi Mount – the list goes on!

Who says the new campaign has to be fronted by a guy? Forget the gimmicks and go with a group of models who have the star power, personality and presence to pull off anything. Saskia is already in Chanel’s latest ads, Jac Jagaciak is already the face of Chanel beauty and Coco is a perennial Lagerfeld fave who gets bonus points for tweeting her contention with the Pitt appointment. Feisty! We like it!

THE ACTRESSES – Mélanie Laurent, Mylène Jampanoï or Anna Mouglalis

If it absolutely has to be a celebrity, couldn’t the honor go to one of the gorgeous stars of French cinema? Sure Nicolas Ghesquiere has already got his claws in Charlotte Gainsbourg and Léa Seydoux is still representing Prada, but what of the superb, Mylène Jampanoï or Karl muse Anna Mouglalis? Granted, neither of them have the name recognition of Pitt, but what they lack in international attention they more than make up for in chic.

THE META MOVEKarl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld shot by Karl Lagerfeld dressed in Chanel designs by Karl Lagerfeld, with creative direction by Karl Lagerfeld and special thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. This could work.

All this said, we’re still curious about just what the Chanel / Pitt collaboration will look like. We secretly loved that ridiculous (and ridiculously beautiful) Nicole Kidman No. 5 short film.

  1. Interesting. A recognizable face for Chanel’s most recognizable product. A move based on economic times? If it were up to me…Baptiste!

  2. honey go to the old school,!!!!! if someone aske me, i would cast Linda,Christy and Naomi to star in the Chanel5. i dont get Brat Pitt…Or hey Coco Rocha can be great. She done huge thing with Elle-YSL

  3. I agree with the oddity of the situation of Brad Pitt fronting a Chanel No.5 campaign. I imagine he doesn’t wear No.5 or dream in Chanel?

    Although there may be a surprise instore…. No.5 Homme? Unlikely but ya never know.

    The Chanel short film with Nicole Kidman is stratospheric. Love it openly. I have the video but in poor quality ;S. But Viva la youtube.”I LOVEEE to DANCE!!!” and the closing is so dramatic..

    I vote Karl by Karl for No.5. With a special guest appearance by the elusive, one and only, Choupette.

  4. i know you are all probably go for my neck, but seriously, dafaq is with brad koening? i find him so flat, so uninteresting and usual. so random. why is he a model is beyond me… BEYOND. my butcher appreantice has more interesting features than him.

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