Think Different

F/W campaigns keep coming and they seem to be getting more and more creative. Big brands are going for the unusual in an effort to grab our attention and it might just be working. Willy Vanderperre‘s stark shots for Jil Sander show a very different side of Natasha Poly and Arthur Daniyarov. The haunting pictures build on the theme from last season but the shots of color and Natasha’s bold hair make them even eerier.

The award for the most adorable campaign this season has got to go to Stella McCartney‘s Bambi themed F/W ads. Doe-eyed beauty Sigrid Agren joins a cast of familiar Disney favorites in Ryan McGinley‘s wooded forest. Cartoon animals are the last thing one would expect from a luxury ad but given Stella’s love of wildlife and the collection’s cozy look it all comes together.





  1. My first reaction to the Stella McCartney ads is like, “What the hell??” But after looking at the ads a bit, I’ve decided I like them. It’s most definitely different!

    Wow! I really like this season’s Jil Sander. The effect is actually quite similar to Nick Knight’s haunting work on the 1991 Fall/Winter Jil Sander campaign starring the legendary Linda Evangelista. Natasha Poly is pretty damn awesome here.

  2. Dont know if i like the Stella ads, though thei look different from everything i have previously seen.
    I definitely dont like the Jil Sander ad, way too dark for my taste!

  3. Dude, that Bambi sticker-book look just feels like such an afterthought.

    Poly looks gorgeous though and Willy’s work really highlights the architectural quality to Raf’s work as usual.

  4. sigrid doesn’t look her best in this campaign for stella mccartney. i like the jill sander campaign but it doesn’t show the clothes, just models in a dramatic setting.

  5. I love Jil Sander! POly looks Amazing…. Now About these Stella Shots…. I Like The concept.. Very dreamy.. whimsical… however the model should have been someone stronger… say KATE MOSS.. to pull it off… Sigrid is Cute, but she doesnt look that good here and she doesnt pull off the concept for me…

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