The French Revolution

Models come in waves. The Belgians, the Brazilians, the Russians Рeach group of girls embodying the style and attitude of a nation as well as the look of a specific fashion era. What signifies the current current chic? Vogue Paris is betting on the charms of the rising set of French models. M̩lodie Dagault, Charlotte Di Calypso, Jennifer Messelier, Sigrid Agren, Constance Jablonski and former MOTW Mathilde Frachon are shot by Victor Demarchelier as the fresh-faced representatives of the next generation of power players. Based on the increasingly prominent bookings this group has been landing, were certain that Carine and co. are on to something.

  1. Yes, from Martinique, she has French nationality… I LOVE HER AND CONSTANCE JABLONSKI!!!!!

  2. Charlotte DiCalypso and Sigrid Agren both entered the 2005 Elite Model Look, where Charlotte won the grand title. Sigrid is one of the finalist.

    Sigrid Agren’s career right now is super Hot. like she’s everywhere Hot!

  3. I love that Charlotte Di Calypso is in the middle with Sigrid, it seems so prophetic a photo!

  4. Ambigous you are right! I forgot about that,Charlotte has been finishing school this whole time so seeing her everywhere now seems like her big debut, I love her!

  5. Charlotte changed her name from Charlotte Beillard to Charlotte DiCaliypso….I think the latter sounds more exotic, don’t you think?

  6. Is it just me or is there an invasion of Swedes as well? Julia Håfström, Sara Blomquist, Dorotea, Elsa Sylvan, Sigrid Ågren (half-Swedish), Hanna Rudlöf, and then all the guys on the male front… Jonathan Frenck, Mattias…

  7. I absolutely love Charlotte.. She’s probably one of my favorite models currently, her eyes and face structure are amazing. This Mathilde girl is very interesting as well, very very pretty. And of course Sigrid is amazing, I haven’t seen many models even remotely as beautiful as her.

  8. didnt you realize they always use to speak about french, belgian, brazilian or swedish invasion of models in high fashion.

    every invasion has his own nationality. but not so in case of eastern europe models.

    why not the russian, polish, czech, ukrainian or slovak invasion? why eastern european invasion, why not western european invasion?

    im not sure, why it is like that, perhaps eastern europe is for many americans and western european just an anonymous place in europe. or perhaps the high cheek bones, thin bone structure is common to eastern europeans, so thats why they are THE eastern european models.

    i know that i know anything, but i know something…

  9. doesn’t anyone think this looks just like the shot Meisel did of the models of the moment for Vogue US?

  10. “I guess I am more into Russians and such.”

    I really want to comment on the above comment but I don’t want to be banned from this site so I will refrain.

    Variety is the spice of life. At least it is with mine, anyway. All of this is nice, but I’m hoping for more darker non-European skin tones. We haven’t seen any true, lasting variety with models since the supermodel era.

  11. Constance Charlotte and Sigrid are definitely a throw back into real hot models. They are exactly what we expect of a model, being an exemple of a fresh and natural beauty.


  13. What about the Dutch invasion, as in everlasting invasion that never goes away? There really are so many Dutch models.

  14. Frenchie here but I have to second Drid;There seems to be an invasion of Dutch girls to the left and right. Weird that this small country produces all these amazons but nobody seems to notice this overall tendency; Lara. Kim. Bette, Ymre, Nimue, Gwen, Donna, Anna and now Ylonka. At least Vogue Paris got Lara right…

  15. Yes but with a name like Constance Jablonski, she is likely of Polish, and not French, extraction. So, not necessarily a French invasion….

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