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When looking at Greg Kadel‘s masterful shots of Eniko Mihalik for Vogue China there are three words that come to mind – location, location, location. Fall’s architectural shapes look even more appealing when they are juxtaposed with Frank Gehry’s sprawling Walt Disney Concert Hall. Eniko’s dramaticposes and Kadel’s use of light and texture make for one of the most exquisite fashion stories you’ll see all month.



  1. beautiful editorial but wow her poses in those few picture are ALL the same! head always in the same position.

  2. Conceptually Beautiful…. However Pose and expression got a little redundent… eniko still shines here i suppose..

  3. Just.. Whoa! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. ALL of the images are inKadelible!!
    Greg…werk it out!! These surface captures of Gehry’s fantastic structure are impeccable. And Eniko’s radiance is the perfect compliment. It’s so hard to choose a favorite but the fourth probably rocks my socks most.

    Loving the wave of recent works which have returned to selling fantastic high fashion.

  4. I think she is posing with her back and neck arched like that to mimic the curves in the buildings.

  5. i LOOOVVEE the Balenciaga shoes.. love love love love.. as far as her looking like Daria, i beg to differ.. she bares no resemblance what so ever.. and regarding the poses, their obviously using her jaw line as a reference to the artitecture.. time to step up your fashion/modeling game people..

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