Put A Ring On It

Is there a single more ubiquitous luxury item than the Givenchy couture nose rings? Sure those Prada car print skirts are everywhere and you can’t walk down the street without seeing a Celine luggage tote, but nothing is more noticeable than five pounds of metalwork dangling from a beautiful girl’s face.

Add to this that the Givenchy nose rings have all the elements of an editorial frontrunner; undeniable visual impact – check, expensive – check, hard to get your hands on – double check. There was absolutely no way editors could resist themselves and as such the rings have been showing up in every magazine imaginable for the past few months.

Are you still enjoying seeing these beautiful ornaments – or are you ready to move on to the next trend? We admit to experiencing a bit of Givenchy fatigue – considering that the pieces are always styled with Givenchy looks, which is nice but not exactly exciting. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see these paired with something else – maybe mix in one of those other overexposed editorial favorites, Balenciaga Darth Vader visors anyone?

Franzi Mueller by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany

Jessica Chastain by Paolo Roversi for W Magazine, styling by Edward Enninful

Vlada Roslyakova by Richard Burbridge for Dazed & Confused, styling by Robbie Spencer

Karlie Kloss by Angelo Pennetta for British Vogue

Natasha Poly by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, styling by Emmanuelle Alt

Grimes by Hedi Slimane for Dazed & Confused

Marie Piovesan by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia, styling by Panos Yiapanis

Arthur Gosse by Fabien Kruszelnicki for Hero Magazine

  1. This was a trend just for fashion shows, editorials and magazine covers. I’m still waiting to see someone using something like that for a casual walk at the street or grocery shopping…

  2. I think you guys touched on one of the biggest things that has been bothering me about recent trends in styling. HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A STYLIST WHEN ALL YOU DO IS IDENTICALLY DUPLICATE THE RUNWAY/LOOKBOOK STYLING? It makes absolutely no sense to me, to be honest. I’d like to think fashion is all about upward progression, but it seems as though stylists tend to just regurgitate Tisci’s vision. Maybe he’s just that good?

  3. I think mostly the stylist is given no choice but to shoot the identical runway look at these times, it is requested of them?

  4. I love Givenchy and Riccardo, but the styling is the same in every single photo, I would like to see those nose earings may work with jeans and and tank top, hahahahahaha. The male show earings are the most street-friendly.
    PS: Is it just me or Franzi Muller is a bit too thin??

  5. I think to be a stylist when they on set and work for magazine it not just about mix and matching the clothes, it’s also how you interact and work as a team with photographer, make up artist, hair stylist and of course model.
    and in this case even though the photo and styling look identical and some how it just grab the look from the runway,they have different mood and theme every pictures have different message, tone and manner. so the stylist not only work picking up the cloths but also directing the model, translate their vision to all team members so together as a team they can produce a great picture.
    *that;s what i think

  6. reminds me of Galliano-Dior 1999 or 2000couture, the outfit that Maggie Rizer wore…
    This looks good only on Karlie<3 and Arthur who is so hot!

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