The Biz : Impossible Conversations & Yohji Directs

Take a first look at the upcoming MET Impossible Conversations exhibition Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli together at long last. The fashion possibilities are endless!

And it turns out the conversations aren’t so impossible, director Baz Luhrman films a fictional chat between Prada and Schiaparelli with actress Judy Davis playing Elsa and Miuccia playing herself.

Though the MET is set to salute two of the industry’s all time great female talents – the NY style scene is still dominated by men. Why aren’t there more female designers – asks the question and wonders if it is easier to make your way through New York fashion if you’re a man.

Watch out Tom Ford – more fashion designers are taking their talents to the big screen – Yohji Yamamoto is the next industry icon to crossover into film. Yamamoto announced his directorial debut during a roundtable at the Hyères international festival of Fashion and Photography. This is of course not the first time Yohji’s has graced the silve screen, the designer has created costumes for films by Takeshi Kitano and Wim Wenders.

Speaking of the goings on at Hyeres – Jessica Eaton took home the Photography prize this year.

Cathy Horyn charts the course of the designer childrenswear boom – JSYK Burberry made 91 million dollars last year selling clothes for tots.

The Gap revitalizes its image with a fresh does of optimism – we like it.

Nick Knight teams withTumblr blogger, Rei Nadal for a unique collaboration – never underestimate who is taking a look at your Tumblr!

  1. I think its the old school thought process that rules the industry. Most of the top people in the industry are of a certain time and have some dated views regarding gender, sexuality and design. I cant quote them at the moment but both Karl and Tom have said some very foolish things on why male designers are preffered. Also, I think the media and society are harsher on women. Remember when Victoria Bekham was dissed for narrating her show? The industry also rarely kicks up a fuss on all the female designers who aren’t attached to major labels. The money/investment factor may also be a thing. Rich white dudes might be more confident investing in men than in women.

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