First Look : Helmet

Bringing a touch of Aussie style to the fashion scene, large format biannaual Helmet Magazine  stikes out with a brand new issue filled with sleek fashions and an impressive lineup of rising photographers. Cover star Emily DiDonato shines in Ned Rogers‘ compelling cover shot and inside she shows off a variety of menswear inspired designer pieces. Miss DiDonato’s beautiful face isn’t the only thing Helmet has to offer – take a look at our exclusive preview to see more.

Emily DiDonato by Ned Rogers

Ida Dyberg by Jaclyn Adams

Janice Alida by Charlotte Wales, styled by Clare Byrne

Jonas Kloch by Kate Cox, styled by Katy Lassen

Anna as Patty Smith in “Dream Of Life” by photographer Darren McDonald, styled by Bex Sheers

“Wild Charms” by Christopher Ferguson, styled by Nadene Duncan

  1. emily is so beautiful, i think she has the potential to do both hf and commercial but she seems happy to do commercial with the rare hf job on the side. cant blame her – the money must be great, i only complain because id like to see more of her!

  2. I dont remember Emily having that bond structure. Maybe its the angle but she’s kinda giving me coco vibes. Not bad. Ugh, oz publications shouldn’t be this white washed though. It’s a diverse continent, it shouldn’t limit itself to europeans. It looks good though.

  3. Absolutely adore Emily DiDonato. There is a fierceness that is delicately beautiful without being exotic.

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