First Look: Americanarama

V Magazine‘s trip through American’s summer past times makes a pit stop in tawdry territory in Sebastian Faena‘s neon tinted story, Americanarama. When you have the most pristine of all the pristine blonde models, Carolyn Murphy dressed up in leopard print spandex and 80s mall perm, you know that V’s tongue is planted firmly in cheek. This is a knowing wink to the kind of kitsch 80s culture that brought us hair bands and acid-washed jeans. Nicola Formichetti‘s styling is over the top yet authentic – admit it, you knew a girl back in Tallahassee who would have been all over that tie-dye, leopard print Salvatore Ferragamo pantsuit.

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  1. I can imagine some of the comments that this editorial is going to solicit, but I love this. Janelle, you said it best — Caroline Murphy is the most “pristine”, and it’s so hilarious to see her taken out of her element! I love V for being different!

  2. She looks beautiful, the story is smart, love the toys behind her and love the styling!!!! Nicola did a great job!

  3. She Looks like those Trashy……. “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY”.

    That’s the Look they are going for right???

  4. i had always wondered if carolyn’s panama city “trailer park” childhood ever looked like this… (a quick drive from tallahassee for sure!)

  5. It’s funny, witty, current…it’s different.

    Cool to see the industry taking a jab at what’s happening in our backyard.

    Reality people…wake up and laugh!



  6. Personally, the entire shoot is not good. Very over done, the hair ages her and makes her look like a sheep.

  7. I like it. Meisel, take notes. Its fun, its trashy but it doesnt go overboard like the Candice ed in Vogue Nippon. It kinda reminds me of Joy from my name is Earl. Her body is ridiculous.

  8. This looks like something LaChapelle and Patti Wilson would have done in the 90’s. Yawn!

    Love Ms. Murphy she saves it.

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