Editorial Inspiration: La Cicatrice Intérieure

Jamie Bochert has long been one of the most in demand models in the business, but for Interview she shares her skills behind the camera, serving as photographer for a special editorial, The River’s Tide . Featuring fiancé and frequent collaborator Michael Pitt, the edit captures the mood of Philippe Garrel’s La Cicatrice Intérieure, with a modern twist. Jamie gets to the essence of the movie’s appeal with her dreamy imagery while Elin Svahn‘s gypsy styling ads the right fashion punch. It is no accident that the shots look a bit like film stills, the Interview story is part of a larger work, namely a film directed by Bochert that was “inspired by turn-of-the-century Swiss explorer Isabelle Eberhardt’s spiritual journey across the North African plains.”

  1. She may be a little too ugly/pretty for my tastes….but her ability to invoke so much while doing so little is certainly a gift.

  2. The phrase that usually comes to mind whenever I see her is impossible cool. She just has this badass american rock n roll nonchalance. I like how the gothic styling goes with the desert scenery, and the shot with the white dress is flawless.

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