Raw Power

Karim Sadli‘s latest story for Dazed and Confused is pure, simple and completely fresh. Nicolas Ripoll poses in a series of jet black ensembles, each one more eye-catching than the last. Whether he is showing off a leather jacket or a dramatically laced bondage inspired piece Ripoll looks right at home in everything. Robbie Spencer‘s styling is a pitch perfect compliment for Sadli’s stripped down style and each element combines to create a uniquely powerful visual.


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  1. These are great shots. Now here’s a photographer that knows his stuff. Plus he has a great model to work with, this guy has the looks, and features to make it big in the industry. Nicholas, much success to you in career as a model.

  2. Beautiful story! Love the pictures, styling is real good too!
    Willy VDP?? C’mon!! this is way more frontal and raw than romantic and depressed!!

  3. love this shoot i saw him in london with his boyfriend jwanderson such a hot couple love karim work so hot

  4. loving the shoot just saw him with his boyfriend jwanderson in london and he looked amazing loving karim’s work so hot

  5. yeah. all Karim’s work looks like Willy VDP. I’m not into it.
    Robbie Spencer is amazing though.

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