1. I love it – they look great! So much funk and personalty, like Asian Grace Joneses. The clothes look fantastic too. This totally put a smile on my face :))

  2. Maybe the posing is a little bit too much for me, but the photos look great plus is so nice to see Tao, shes beautiful!

  3. I love this!Its been a while since I’ve seen Mey Bun, with a few appearances here and there. I’ve really been intrigued by her since Jay-Z’s “Change Clothes” video. Betty you beat me to it with the Tina Chow reference, But I’ll one up you (in a friendly way) these pictures, especially the first one reminds of this beautiful b/w of Tina Chow and her sister Audele Lutz, look that up, I might of seen that picture in Antonio’s Girls. Anyway this is brilliant and thanks Betty for the timeless fashion commentary (I was gonna say old-school, but Tina can’t be marginalized in specific time and place, she and Grace, Iman, Pat and sometimes Anna are still being referenced today .

  4. Wow! This is a nice surprise! Sorry Keesean, I refuse to compare this to anything those two overrated blondes do…they are tired, this is quite refreshing.

  5. Super excited to see Somey back….i love the photos such chemistry and effortless

    congrats Somey

    from fellow Cambodian

  6. THANK GOD, I needed my shot of exotic beauty!! Very refreshing and it definitely woke me up because honey I fell asleep watching all these posts on blonde models. They are beautiful and stunning et all but what about mixing them up with other types of beauty! Not a lot has changed since that infamous ‘All Black Vogue’ issue!!

  7. Fantastic! Selling those clothes..don’t you want to bag those articles right this minute? And there is that delicious zip-up blazer in the first photo worn Mey and also by Eniko for Vogue China.

  8. I love them, I know I shouldn’t say it, but I love that they’re Asian. I just think they’re more refreshing to look at.

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